Modern Production Concepts
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Modern Production Concepts

Theory and Applications Proceedings of an International Conference, Fernuniversität, Hagen, FRG, August 20-24, 1990
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Modern production concepts such as Production Planning and Control (PPC), Just-in-Time (JIT), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Flexible Automation (FA), Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), Total Quality Control (TQC), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) are essential to gain competitive advantages. This book presents theoretical foundations and implementations of these concepts.
I: Production Planning and Control.- 1. Constitutive Aspects.- A Theoretical Basis for the Rational Formation of Production Planning and Control (PPC) Systems.- Comparison of Two Production Logistics Concepts.- Multi-Period Production Planning and Managerial Accounting.- Flexibility of Production Control Systems.- A Quantitative Measure for Flexibility.- Applications of Operations Research in Hierarchical Production Planning.- 2. Aspects and Elements of Production Planning and Control (PPC)-Systems.- Hierarchical Approach to Production Planning and Scheduling: The Case of a Mosaic Tile Plant.- Operational Control of Automated PCB Assembly lines.- A Framework for Developing Production Control Systems: A Case in Coffee Roasting/Distributing.- The Impact of Forecast Errors in Multistage Production Systems.- Integrated Manufacturing Planning.- Alternatives for MRP.- A Widely Acclaimed Method of Load-Oriented Job Release and its Conceptual Deficiencies.- 3. Just-in-Time (JIT).- JIT in a Low Volume, Hi-Tech Production Environment.- A Study of JIT Application under Stochastic Demand and Supply Arrival.- A Comprehensive Study of Quality Management Practices in JIT and Non-JIT Firms.- Trade-off between Production and Inventory Costs with Respect to a Given Demand Situation.- 4. Inventory Problems.- Combined Optimization of Safety Stocks and Processing Lead Times in Multi-Stage Production Systems.- On the Commonality Problem in Multi-Stage Inventory Control Systems.- Effect of the Standardization of the Hierarchy Parts Structure of a Product (SHPSP) on Production Ordering and Inventory Levels.- A Stochastic Model for In-Process Inventory.- An Inventory Model with Lateral Transshipments.- 5. Scheduling Problems.- A Flexible Decision Support Framework for Production Scheduling.- The Leitstand - A New Tool for Decentral Production Control.- Scheduling with Alternative Process Plans.- Scheduling and Resource Allocation Problems in Some Flow Type Manufacturing Processes.- Intelligent Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems.- Event Graphs for Modeling and Evaluating Modern Production Systems.- Scheduling a Work Conserving Queue with Deadlines: Minimizing the Cost of Getting the Work Done on Time.- Analytical and Simulation Techniques Used to Gain Insight into Multi Product Machine Shop Control.- II: Production as a Competitive Weapon.- 6. General Concepts.- World Class Manufacturing in the 1990s: Integrating JIT, TQC, FA, and TPM with Worker Participation.- Time-Based Competition: Speeding New Product Development.- Concurrent Life-Cycle Engineering for the Optimization of Products, Systems, and Structures.- 7. Designing New Production Systems.- Strategic Formation of Manufacturing Cells.- Scale, Scope or Division of Labour: Coping with Volume, Variety and Variability in Manufacturing.- Performance Evaluation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Starving.- Non Delay - Revisited.- A Heuristic Approach to FMS Process Planning.- A Review of Research on AGVS Vehicle Management.- Flexible Assembly and Shortest Queue Problems.- A Quantitative Model for the Analysis of Distribution Network Scenario's.- 8. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).- Systematic Development and Implementation of CIM Systems.- New Approaches to CIM Specification.- New Looks on CIMS Modelling.- Design of Interfactory Computer Network Interconnection.- List of Contributors.- List of Sponsors.
Modern production concepts can be considered as an essential field of economics nowadays. They help to give valuable insights and thus provide important competitive advantages. There is a broad variety of new approaches to Production Planning and Control (PPC), Just-in-Time (JIT), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Flexible Automation (FA), Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), Total Quality Control (TQC), and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), all of which are indispensable cornerstones in this context. This book presents in a condensed and easy-to-comprehend form the different contributions of a group of internationally recommended scientists. The varied approaches to modern production concepts are not only based on theoretical foundations but also go one step further in that they present the implementation of these concepts and methods in detail. This close link with practical aspects will help to illuminate the theoretical material for researchers and students in universities. The book will be of major importance for practitioners involved in solving everyday industrial problems. The interdisciplinary nature of these contributions will help to create a new and valuable perspective on the field of production concepts.