Foreign Judgments in Israel
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Foreign Judgments in Israel

Recognition and Enforcement
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Haggai Carmon
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This practical book analyzes enforcement of foreign civil judgments in Israel, serving as a guide for anyone seeking answers in the context of international commerce or to resolve international legal disputes. Offers a methodical review of difficult issues.
Objectives of the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment.- Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Israel.- Comparative Law.- Judgments in Personam, in Rem, and Personal Status Judgments.- The Function and Ramifications of the Enforcement Procedure.- Interpretation of the Foreign Judgments Enforcement Law.- Recognition of Foreign Judgments and Orders.- Recognition of Foreign Judgments.- Enforcement of Foreign Judgments against a Foreign Sovereign.- Foreign Judgments and the Palestinian Authority.- Enforcement of Judgments from Signatories of Treaties to which Israel is Party.- Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards.- Summary and Conclusions.
A judgment in a civil matter rendered in a foreign country is not automatically recognized in Israel. Before a judgment will be recognized or enforced, it must first undergo a domestic integration process. A declaration that a foreign judgment is enforceable in Israel is dependent upon its meeting certain conditions specified by statute, irrespective of whether recognition of the foreign judgment is indirect or direct. These conditions serve as the main route for giving validity to foreign in rem judgments and to personal status judgments, which cannot otherwise be enforced; recognition of a judgment as enforceable, however, enables it to be executed.