Lectures in Isotope Geology
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Lectures in Isotope Geology

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J. C. Hunziker
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to Geochronology.- 1. Fundamentals of the Dating Methods.- 2. Experimental Work.- 3. Application of the Different Dating Methods: Interpretation of Data.- TheRb-Sr Method.- Rb-Sr Dating of Thin Slabs: an Imperfect Method to Determine the Age of Metamorphism.- A New Approach to Rb-Sr Dating of Sedimentary Rocks.- Potassium Argon Dating.- 40Ar/39 Ar Dating: Principles, Techniques, and Applications in Orogenic Terranes.- U-Th-Pb Dating of Minerals.- The Total Lead Method.- Isotope Geochemistry of Lead.- Fission-Track Dating and Geologic Annealing of Fission Tracks.- Correction and Interpretation of Fission Track Ages.- Archaeometric Dating.- Diffusion Experiments in Isotope Geology.- Theory of Cooling Ages.- Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry of the Earth's Mantle.- Archaean Geochronology.- Geochronology of the Crystalline Rocks of the Schwarzwald.- Evolution of the European Continent.- Thermal Models of the Central Alps.- Geochronology of the Ophiolites.- Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Rocks and Minerals.- Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes in the Water Cycle.- Carbon Isotopes in Petroleum Geochemistry.- Sulfur Isotopes.
Our colleagues from the French-speaking parts of Switzerland - the Suisses romands - and above all the committee of the 3rd Cycle, e Earth Sciences (3 Cycle, Sciences de la Terre) honored us by asking us to give a course on Isotope Geology for the year 1977. The course, entitled Evaluation et Interpretation des Donnees Isotopiques (eval uation and Interpretation of Isotopic Data), was intended to inform earth scientists, graduate and postgraduate, from the western Swiss Universities on the subject of Isotope Geology. Such courses usually consist of two parts: lectures and excursions. Thus, in March 1977, we gave such a two-week course at the Miner alogical Institute of the University of Berne. The first week was devoted essentially to the methods of dating, the second week to the behavior of stable isotopes. In July 1977, on the occasion of an excursion to the Central and Western Alps, we were able to demonstrate our results. Guest professors were invited to make contributions to the course.