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Developing Sustainable Careers Across the Lifespan

Developing Sustainable Careers Across the Lifespan

European Social Fund Network on 'Career and AGE (Age, Generations, Experience)
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Chapter 1. Conceptual framework for sustainable careers .-
Chapter 2. Description of relevant good practices at multiple levels.-

Chapter 3. Context & Transfer issues: how can good practices be transferred? .-

Chapter 4. Six recommendations for facilitating sustainable careers .-

Chapter 5. How can you get started when implementing sustainable careers ? .-

Chapter 6. Sustainable competences and career competencies: how to put the individual in the driver's seat?.-

Chapter 7. Final Conclusions.
This book offers insights into facilitating sustainable careers through the study of a wide interdisciplinary range of policy investigations and assessment of ongoing practices in the field. By assessing and comparing the transferability of policies and good practices between firms in ten countries and regions of the European Union this book considers the development of sustainable careers across the lifespan at the levels of individuals, organizations and systems. This book is the culmination of a research project from the international European Social Fund network on 'Career and Age, Generation, Experience(AGE)'. It discusses and offers observations on key concerns at the European level: How to make people work longer, remain employable, develop sustainable competencies ? How to adapt the work environment and human resource management policies at employer's level ? And finally, how can public authorities take measures and incentives to support sustainable careers for individuals?

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Autor: Ans de Vos
ISBN-13: 9783319477404
ISBN: 3319477404
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Autor: Ans de Vos, Jean-Marie Dujardin, Tim Gielens, Caroline Meyers
Ans De Vos, PhD, holds the SD Worx chair "Next generation work: Creating sustainable careers" at Antwerp Management School, Antwerp, Belgium and is full professor at the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. She is also a research fellow at the Faculty of Business and Economics, KU Leuven. Her focal areas of interest are career development, sustainable career management and psychological contracts, which she approaches both from an individual and organizational perspective. She is academic director of the "Leadership & Career Development" track of all fulltime master programs organized at Antwerp Management School.

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Autor: Ans de Vos
ISBN-13:: 9783319477404
ISBN: 3319477404
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Sprache: Englisch
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