Yearbook of the Artificial. Vol. 4

Nature, Culture & Technology. Kyosei, Culture and Sustainable Technology
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Massimo Negrotti
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Contents: Massimo Negrotti: Foreword - Mariella Combi: The construction of flexible identities and negotiation of meanings on the Internet - Pasi Falk: Universe as an artifact: from God's creation to digital metaphysics - Karamjit S. Gill: The dance of the user in artificial cultural space - Stefano A. E. Leoni: Le diverse et artificiose machine ... to make music or: The different and artful machines... to make music - Renata Livraghi: The user of educational services - Giuseppe O. Longo: Narrative as a source of the artificial - Victor Margolin: The mechanization of exchange - Giuseppe Padovani: The user of the sites of the Italian Comuni - Antonino Porrello: Research of leading role of social sciences in the information and communication technologies planning - Barbara Rondelli: Learning communities in the demand for postgraduate education - Massimo Russo: Users, new Italian subjects - Fumihiko Satofuka: Editorial - From the Artificial to the Kyosei. In the pursuit of the Japanese technological tradition - Masanori Funakura: Kyosei, or Association in Shared Environment - From the Viewpoint of Ecosemiotics - Masayuki Horio: 'Symbiotic technology' in the early 21c. ordeal - Shuji Ozeki: 'Kyosei' and sustainable society: from the viewpoint of environmental philosophy.
We all are users of technology and services, but the way we use them strongly depends on who our 'interlocutor' is: a machine, a software application or a person. The contributions of this volume look at the concept of the user from various perspectives and continue to discuss the theme started in volume three on the user of the artificial. Topics include: man-machine relations such as the user and the virtual world of the internet or users in various cultural contexts of the artificial. The second part of the book focuses on man-nature relations and introduces the Japanese concept of Kyosei (symbiosis) in the context of technology and the environment.