Pyrosequencing Protocols
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Pyrosequencing Protocols

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Sharon Marsh
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Vol.373, Methods in Molecular Biology
Highlights the versatility of and provides detailed protocols for the application of Pyrosequencing®
Written by world-renowned experts in the field
Table of contentsChapter 1: The History of Pyrosequencing®. Pål Nyrén
Chapter 2: Pyrosequencing® applications. Sharon Marsh
Chapter 3: Web-Based Primer Design Software for Genome Scale Genotyping by Pyrosequencing®. Steven Ringquist, Christopher Pecoraro, Ying Lu, Alexis Styche,
William A. Rudert, Panayiotis V. Benos and Massimo Trucco
Chapter 4: Pyrosequencing®: A Simple Method for Accurate Genotyping. Cristi R. King and Tiffany Scott-Horton
Chapter 5: Universal Primer Applications for Pyrosequencing®. Dong-chuan Guo and Dianna M. Milewicz
Chapter 6: Allele Quantification and DNA Pooling Methods. Jonathon Wasson
Chapter 7: Multiplex Pyrosequencing® for DNA Variation Analysis. Pritesh Patel, Yih-Horng Shiao, and Paolo Fortina
Chapter 8: Analysis of gene-specific DNA methylation patterns by the Pyrosequencing® technology. Jörg Tost and Ivo Glynne Gut
Chapter 9: Detecting mutations that confer oxazolidinone resistance
in Gram-positive bacteria. Neil Woodford, Sarah E. North and Matthew J. Ellington
Chapter 10: Pyrosequencing® Based Strategies for Improved Allele Typing of HLA Loci. Steven Ringquist, Alexis Styche, William A. Rudert, and Massimo Trucco
Chapter 11: Pyrosequencing® of Phage Display Libraries for the Identification of Cell Specific Targeting Ligands. Ahad A. Rahim
Chapter 12: Gene Copy Number Detection in Animal Studies. Gerli Pielberg and Leif Andersson
Chapter 13: Detection of Allelic Imbalance in Gene Expression Using Pyrosequencing®.
Hua Wang and Steven C. Elbein
Chapter 14: Pyrosequencing® Genotype Storage Techniques. Derek J. Van Booven
This book presents detailed protocols for the multidisciplinary application of Pyrosequencing® technology, all written by world-renowned experts. This comprehensive volume enables quick reference by collecting the primary applications for Pyrosequencing®, and supplementing each protocol with troubleshooting tips specific to that method. This volume both highlights the versatility of and provides detailed protocols for the application of Pyrosequencing®.