The Handbook of Contraception
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The Handbook of Contraception

A Guide for Practical Management
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Donna Shoupe
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Current Clinical Practice

The Handbook of Contraception: A Guide for Practical Management provides a comprehensive review of contraception methods for all reproductive-aged women, including those who are young and healthy, postpartum, perimenopausal, adolescent, or who have a medical disease. Because of the vast and diverse list of various contraceptive methods available, this text updates the health care provider with information on safety, practical counseling tools, advantages, and disadvantages of each contraception method. This superb reference offers inclusive information on oral, injectable, emergency, and various cervical barrier contraceptives, as well as behavioral methods of contraception and sterilization methods. An extensive review of currently available laparoscopic and hysterscopic tubal sterilization techniques is also included, as well as a chapter introducing the new surgical contraceptive implant, Implanon.
Contraceptive Overview
Donna Shoupe

Oral Contraceptives: History, Pharmacology, Metabolic Effects, Side Effects, and Health Benefits

Donna Shoupe and Daniel R. Mishell, Jr.

Oral Contraceptives: Patient Screening and Counseling, Pill Selection, and Managing Side Effects

Donna Shoupe

Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptives

Donna Shoupe

Contraceptive Patch

Donna Shoupe

Contraceptive Ring

Susan A. Ballagh

Long-Acting Progestin Injectables: Comparison of Depo-Provera® With Depo-SubQ Provera 104(TM)

Ronna Jurow and Donna Shoupe

Contraceptive Implants: Introducing Implanon®

Philip D. Darney

Intrauterine Devices: Comparison of the Copper T Intrauterine Device With the Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System

Angela Y. Chen and Susie Baldwin

Barrier Contraceptives: Male Condoms, Vaginal Spermicides, and Cervical Barrier Methods

Donna Shoupe

Behavioral Methods of Contraception

Jennefer A. Russo and Anita L. Nelson

Emergency Contraceptives

Donna Shoupe

Female Tubal Sterilization: Traditional and Research Methods

Charles M. March

Contraception for Special Populations: Adolescents and Perimenopausal Women Following Pregnancy and During Lactation

Donna Shoupe

Choosing the Optimal Contraceptive Method in Women With Medical Disease

Siri L. Kjos

I opened my series editor manuscript of The Handbook of Contraception: A Guide for Practical Management, edited by Drs. Donna Shoupe and Siri Kjos, on a tiny plane on the way to giving a lecture in Albany, NY. I expected to peruse the ma- script, and found that I could not put it down. The Handbook of Contraception: A Guide for Practical Management is an incredibly informative and enjoyable read. In keeping with the objective of this series for primary care clinicians, there is a quality in this title that is uncommon among medical textbooks. The chapters of this book are written with extraordinary intelligence and und- standing, and with attention to practical considerations in the selection and mana- ment of contraceptive options. The authors have reviewed the science behind contraception, including the chemical structure and effects of hormonal contraception, physiology of contraception, efficacy rates, and side effects, as well as the practical considerations that are relevant in helping patients choose between different cont- ceptive options. They do this with a clarity of language and intent that lets the book cover with sufficient detail the full range of questions that any primary care clinician will have regarding any of the traditional or new contraceptive options. Also included in each chapter is a section on "counseling tips," which explicitly answers many of the questions that clinicians and their patients often have when discussing contraceptive options. For a book so useful and well done, the editors and authors deserve our thanks.