Developing Materials for Language Teaching: Second Edition
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Developing Materials for Language Teaching: Second Edition

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Brian Tomlinson
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It proposes applications of theory to almost all aspects of materials development.
List of Contributors Preface, Brian Tomlinson Introduction: Are Materials Developing?, Brian Tomlinson PART A - EVALUATION AND ADAPTATION OF MATERIALS Chapter 1) Materials Evaluation, Brian Tomlinson Chapter 2) Adapting Courses: A Personal View, Claudia Saraceni Chapter 3) The Instructional Design Of A Course Book Is As It Is Because Of What It Has To Do - An Application of Systemic Functional Theory, Duria Aziz Singapore Wala Comments on Part A, Brian Tomlinson PART B - PRINCIPLES AND PROCEDURES OF MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT Chapter 4) Developing Principled Frameworks for Materials Development, Brian Tomlinson Chapter 5) Publishing a Course Book: The Role of Feedback, Duria Aziz Singapore Wala Chapter 6) Humanizing the Coursebook, Brian Tomlinson Chapter 7) The Visual Elements in EFL Coursebooks, David A. Hill Chapter 8) Creative Approaches to Materials Writing, Alan Maley Chapter 9) Developing Digital Language Learning Materials, Thom Kiddle Chapter 10) Demystifying Blended Learning, Freda Mishan Comments on Part B, Brian Tomlinson PART C - DEVELOPING MATERIALS FOR TARGET GROUPS Chapter 11) Authors' Knowledge, Rationales and Principles - Steady Flow-Through or Stuck in the Publishing Pipeline? The Case of Early Reading with Young Learners, Shelagh Rixon Chapter 12) Developing Motivating Materials for Refugee Children: From Theory to Practice, Irma-Kaarina Ghosn Chapter 13) Materials for Adults: 'I am No Good at Languages!'- Inspiring and Motivating L2 Adult Learners of Beginner's Spanish, Rosa-Maria Cives-Enriquez Chapter 14) Materials for Adult Beginners from a Users' Perspective, Vivian Cook Chapter 15) Mining the L2 Environment: ESOL Learners and Strategies Outside the Classroom, Naeema Haan Comments on Part C, Brian Tomlinson PART D - DEVELOPING SPECIFIC TYPES OF MATERIALS Chapter 16) Materials for the Teaching of Grammar, Jeff Stranks Chapter 17) Materials for Teaching Vocabulary, Paul Nation Chapter 18) Materials for Developing Reading Skills, Hitomi Masuhara Chapter 19) Materials for Developing Writing Skills, Ken Hyland Chapter 20) Developing Materials for Speaking Skills, Dat Bao Chapter 21) Coursebook Listening Activities, David A. Hill and Brian Tomlinson Chapter 22) Materials for Cultural Awareness, Alan Pulverness and Brian Tomlinson Chapter 23) Corpora and Materials: Towards a Working Relationship, Ivor Timmis Comments on Part D, Brian Tomlinson PART E - MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT AND TEACHER TRAINING Chapter 24) Materials Development Courses, Brian Tomlinson Chapter 25) Simulations in Materials Development, Brian Tomlinson and Hitomi Masuhara Chapter 26) Working with Student-Teachers to Design Materials for Language Support within the School Curriculum, Helen Emery Comments on Part E, Brian Tomlinson Conclusion, Brian Tomlinson Index
This sequel to 'Materials Development in Language Teaching' offers the informed and reflective practitioner as the ideal agent for mediating between the practice and theory of language teaching. It has contributions from teachers, materials developers, applied linguists, and teacher trainers.