Radical Imagine-Nation

Public Pedagogy & Praxis
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Peter Mclaren
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13, Education and Struggle
Radical Imagine-Nation: Public Pedagogy & Praxis provides a platform for critical educators, public intellectuals, and activists from all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in critical education and social movements.
Acknowledgments - Suzanne SooHoo: Introduction - Donaldo Macedo: Conscientization as an Antidote to Banking Education - Tom Wilson: Coming to Know Paulo - Tricia M. Kress: Critical Pedagogy, Leadership and Institutional Reform: Paulo Freire's "Formative Time" at the Social Services of Industry - Keqi (David) Liu: A Clarification of Freire's Radical Political Pedagogy - Leona M. English/Peter Mayo: Migration, Racism, and the Mediterranean-A Freirean Perspective - Robert Lake: Utopia as Praxis: Paulo Freire Twenty Years After His Passing - Peter McLaren: Dare We Create a New Socialist Order? A Challenge to Educators of America in the Coming Trump Era - Henry A. Giroux: Toward a Politics of Revolt and Disruption: Higher Education in Dangerous Times - Antonia Darder: Critical Leadership for Social Justice: Unveiling the Dirty Little Secret of Power and Privilege - Peter Hudis: The Alternative to Capitalism in Light of Today's Environmental Crises - Michael E. Dantley: Critical Consciousness and Spirituality: Deconstructing the Colonizing Practices of U.S. Education Through the Lens of Paulo Freire and Critical Spirituality - Margaret Randall: I Cannot Speak for the Gun - Michael A. Peters/Tina Besley: The Refugee Crisis in Europe: Words Without Borders - Petar Jandric: The Challenge of the Internationalist Critical Pedagogue - George J. Sefa Dei: Reframing Education Through Indigenous, Anti-Colonial, and Decolonial Prisms - Ravi Kumar: Educational Project of Social Justice: The Possibilities of Intervention Against the Pedagogical Hegemony of Capitalism - Peter O'Connor/Jean M. Allen/Simon Dennan: Where I'm Bound I Can't Tell: Radical Changes Are Still Possible in Higher Education - Anna Renfors/Juha Suoranta: "Miracle on Ice": Sociological Understanding of the Finnish Schooling Model - Bettina L. Love: "Trayvon Was Standing His Ground": Utilizing Critical Hip Hop Pedagogy to Construct Counter-Narratives of Resistance and Love - Miguel Zavala: Toward a Raza Research Methodology: Social Science in the Service of Raza Communities - Theresa Montano/Maria Elena Cruz: L@s Malcriad@s : A Union Based, Chican@ Studies Model Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers of Chican@ Studies - Contributors - Index.
This collection of essays, poems, and reflections by scholars, public intellectuals, artists, and community activists (as well as those whose work intersects with all of these categories) constitutes a landmark achievement in critical pedagogy and social justice education. Edited by two leaders whose work spans both academic and grassroots communities, Radical Imagine-Nation was conceived during a time of political turmoil both nationally and internationally, a time when freedom and democracy seemed out of reach for millions around the world.