Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality: Attracting, Developing, and Retaining the Best Teachers
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Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality: Attracting, Developing, and Retaining the Best Teachers

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James H. Stronge

About the Authors
1. Attracting, Developing, Retaining - and Paying - Quality Teachers
Examining Motivation: Do Financial Incentives Work in Promoting Teacher Quality?
How We Pay Teachers: A Brief History of Teacher Compensation
Current Issues and Trends in Teacher Compensation
Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality
Concluding Thoughts: Where Do We Go From Here?
2. Teacher Pay and School Purposes: How Do They Relate?
Aligning Teacher Compensation With Organizational Purpose and Direction
Moving Forward: Key Considerations for Developing a Compensation System
Establishing Criteria: Defining and Measuring Quality
Summary: Teacher Compensation in the Big Picture of School Purpose
3. Competitive Salaries and Benefits: How Do We Stack Up?
How Do Principles of Environmental Scanning Apply to Teacher Compensation Systems?
How Can the Competitiveness of Teacher Salaries Be Assessed?
How Can Nonsalary Benefits Contribute to a Competitive Salary Package?
What Role Can Working Conditions Play in a Competing Market?
Summary: Teacher Quality and Competitive Pay
4. Considering Options for Teacher Pay: What Are the Promising Possibilities?
Single-Salary Schedule
Extra Duty/Additional Responsibility Pay
Career Ladder
Knowledge- and Skills-Based Pay
Individual Evaluation Pay
Performance-Based Pay
Creative Compensation: Other Ways of Recognizing Teacher Quality
5. Building a Model Teacher Compensation System: What Will Work Best for Us?
Assumptions About Compensation Systems
Design Principles: Considerations in Teacher Compensation
Designing a Compensation System Aimed at Quality
A Component-Parts Approach to Teacher Compensation
A Model for Teacher Compensation
A Closer Look at the Components of Compensation
Compensation and Quality
Alternatives to Consider
Concluding Thoughts: Designing a Compensation System
6. From Planning to Implementation: How Do We Make This Change?
Step 1: Develop the Aims and Criteria of the Compensation System
Step 2: Select Compensation Components
Step 3: Plan for Implementation
Step 4: Pilot the Restructured Compensation System
Step 5: Districtwide Implementation and Evaluation
Concluding Thoughts: Teacher Quality and Teacher Pay
`This is a good and needed book. I would buy it, and recommend it to a wide range of educators.'