Dynamic Instructional Leadership to Support Student Learning and Development: The Field Guide to Comer Schools in Action
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Dynamic Instructional Leadership to Support Student Learning and Development: The Field Guide to Comer Schools in Action

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Edward T. Joyner
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Comer Schools in Action

Foreword - Michael Fullan
Preface - Edward T. Joyner
About the Authors
1. The Comer Process: Tried, Tested, and True - Edward T. Joyner
2. Essential Understandings of the Yale School Development Program: A Reference Guide to the Comer Process - Michael Ben-Avie, Edward T. Joyner, and James P. Comer
3. Systemic Reform: The School Development Program's Answer to Fragmentation - Edward T. Joyner and Christine L. Emmons
4. Systemic Reform: We Started with One School - Alice Hart, Miriam McLaughlin, Everol Ennis, and Steve Stone
5. Curriculum Structure and Teacher Planning: Balancing, Aligning, and Assessing Students in the Standards-Based Curriculum - David A. Squires and Camille J. Cooper
6. "Comer-in-the-Classroom": Linking the Essential Elements of the Comer Process to Classroom Practices - Fay E. Brown and Valerie Maholmes
7. A Demonstration of Comer-in-the-Classroom - Carol Pickett Ray
8. Mobilizing Schools for Instructional Excellence: Instructional Leadership Is a System Responsibility - Edward T. Joyner
9. Maintaining Student Momentum Through Instructional Leadership: "And We Will Do It Again" - Marie B. Chauvet-Monchik
10. "And This Is How We Will Do It": Comer Youth Voice Their Opinions About the Comer Process - The Comer Club Ambassadors of P.S. 138, Brooklyn, NY
11. Performance Management: The Principal's First Priority - M. Ann Levett-Lowe
12. Teachers Helping Teachers: A Process That Honors and Supports Teacher Development - J. Patrick Howley and Dawn K. Kelley
13. Turning Nonreaders into Readers Through Essentials of Literacy - Fay E. Brown
14. Student Learning in Math and Science: Youth Development Matters - Michael Ben-Avie
15. Guidelines for University-School Collaborations: A Report of Experience - Francis Roberts
16. Implementation of Systemic Reform: Step by Step From Vision to Reality - Constance Clark
17. Assessing Systemic Reform: How Do You Know That the Comer Process Is Making a Difference in Your School or District? - Christine L. Emmons
18. The Best Education for All Our Children - Edward T. Joyner
`Meets "the highest standard of evidence" for comprehensive school reforms that improve student achievement' - View of Educational Research