Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia
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Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia

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Patricia Wouters
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77, NATO Science Series: IV: Earth
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management in Transboundary Basins - An Interstate and Intersectoral Approach, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 23-28 February 2004
Experiences of the most senior water managers in the region in their own words, including those of Ministers, local experts and eminent academics
Preface.P.Wouters and V. Dukhovny. Integrated Water Resources Management - International Best Practice.Integrated Water Resources Management: Theory and Practice; A.D. Tarlock.- Integrated Water Resources Management: Experience in the Aral Sea Basin. Characteristic features of integrated water resources management in the Syrdarya River basin; M.Kh. Khamidov.- Particular Characteristics of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Amudarya River Basin; Yu . Khudaiberganov.- IWRM financial, economic and legal aspects: the example of the 'IWRM-Ferghana' project; A. Jaloobayev Ensuring stable and even water distribution for irrigation systems at national and local levels; A.I. Tuchin.- The Future of the Priaralie; T. Kamalov.- Socio-economic aspects of lntegrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia. On Public Participation in Water Resources Management; A. D. Ryabtsev.- Water productivity increase - the main goal of IWRM and ways to overcome poverty; Sh. Muhamedzhanov.- Implementation of the Aral Sea Basin Socio-Economic Model: An Assessment of the Opportunities to be Gained through Regional Economic Integration; Makhmud T. Ruziev and Valeriy G. Prikhodoko.-Addressing the need for Integrated Water Resources Management at the regional level. Prospects for Central Asia Development - Integrated Water Resources Management as Regional Issues Solution; V.A. Dukhovny.- Interstate, Inter-sectoral Scientific and Practical Integration; Abdukohir A. Nazirov.- The role of strategic and national planning in the development of water management; T. Altyev.- Transfer of water resources management towards basin principles; A.A. Djalalov.- A. Basin management based on resource conservation; Zh. Bekboloto, A. Jaloobayev
This volume reproduces the proceedings of an Advanced Research Workshop held in Bishkek, which brought together all the most senior water resource managers in Central Asia, from Ministers to local experts and eminent academics. It describes, from the practitioner's perspective, the problems encountered in the region's efforts to implement integrated water resources management and solutions that have been put in place in order to address these.