RAS Family GTPases
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RAS Family GTPases

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Focuses on one of the most intensely studied proteins and areas in cell biology
1. Ras-GEFs and Ras GAPs;J.M. Rojas and E. Santos. 2 Structural Principles of Ras Interaction with Regulators and Effectors ;D. Fiegen, R. Dvorsky, and M.R. Ahmadian. 3.Ras and the Raf/MEK/ERK cascade; D.K. Morrison and I. O. Dar. 4 Noncanonical effector targets of oncogenic ras protein; B. Boettner and L. Van Aelst. 5. Effectors of Ras-mediated oncogenesis; E.J. Chenette, G. A. Repasky , and C.J. Der. 6 Rho proteins in Ras signaling and transformation ;A.E. Karnoub, E.J. Chenette and C.J. Der. 7 Global effects of Ras signaling on the genetic program in mammalian cells - R. Schafer, O.I. Tchernitsa and C. Sers. 8 Ras Signaling In C. elegans Ras: a genetic overview; D.J. Eastburn and M. Han. 9 Ras family G-proteins in S. cerevisiae and S. pombe; A. P. Tabancay, Jr., M.J. Comiso and F. Tamanoi. 10 Comparison of the effects of Ras effector mutants and Ras effectors on transformed and tumorigenic growth of human and rodent cells ;K. Lim and C. M. Counter. 11 Genetically engineered mice harboring ras mutations as models of himan cancer: in media ras; T.Z. Zaks, M.A. Jacobetz, Jr., and D.A. Tuveson. 12 Ras family proteins (Rap, Ral, R-Ras, Rheb, Rit/Rin, and others); J. De Gunzberg. 13 k B-Ras: a small GTPase that influences NF-k B signaling - T. Huxford, A.K. Moorthy, and G. Ghosh 14 Anti-Ras approaches and cancer treatment - J.J. Fiordalisi, C.J. Der and A.D. Cox.
Since 1982, Ras proteins have been the subject of intense research investigation by the biomedical research community. The wide interest in Ras has been stimulated for three key reasons. This book features chapters contributed by leading investigators in the field that highlight the current state-of-the art in Ras biochemistry, structure and biology. This book is an excellent reference for students in the biomedical sciences and for investigators in the field.