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Clinical Legal Education in Asia

Clinical Legal Education in Asia

Accessing Justice for the Underprivileged
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1. Introduction; Bruce Avery Lasky and Shuvro Prosun Sarker
2. Better Lawyers, Better Justice: Introducing Clinical Legal Education in Maldives; Marium Jabyn and Rogena Sterling
3. Chinese Clinical Legal Education: Globalizing and Localizing; Cecily E. Baskir, Ma Liqun and Li Ao
4. Clinical Education in South Korean Law Schools: Challenges and Hopes; Helen Haekyong Kang and Kyung Sin Park
5. Clinical Education in Taiwanese Law Schools; Thomas Chih-hsiung Chen
6. Clinical Legal Education in Israel; Yael Efron
7. Clinical Legal Education in Palestine: A Clinical Case under Military Occupation; Mutaz M. Qafisheh
8. Clinical Legal Education in Singapore; Rathna N. Koman and Helena Whalen-Bridge
9. Clinical Legal Education in Thailand: A Pedagogy Whose Time Has Come; Panarairat Srichaiyarat, Lisa Radtke Bliss and Withoon Taloodkum
10. Justice Mission for Clinical Legal Education in India; Shuvro Prosun Sarker
11. Legal Clinical Education in Japan: A Work in Progress; - Matthew J. Wilson
12. Legal Clinics in Turkey; Julian Lonbay and Musa Toprak
13. Pathways to Social Transformation through Clinic: Developing a 'Social Justice' Culture in Hong Kong; Luke Marsh and Michael Ramsden
This book describes the history, present status and possible future models of clinical legal education (CLE) in 12 Asian countries, with particular focus on the Asian character of CLE as it has evolved in different countries.

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Autor: Shuvro Prosun Sarker
ISBN-13: 9781137517524
ISBN: 1137517522
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 250
Format: 236x154x19 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Editiert von: Shuvro Prosun Sarker
Bruce Avery Lasky, Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative, Thailand Cecily E. Baskir, Peking University School of Transnational Law, China Helen Haekyong Kang, Golden Gate University School of Law, United States Helena Whalen-Bridge, National University of Singapore Julian Lonbay, University of Birmingham, England Kyung Sin Park, Center for Clinical Legal Education, Korea University Law School, South Korea Li Ao, Wuhan University Law School, China Lisa Radtke Bliss, Georgia State University College of Law, United States Luke Marsh, Chinese University of Hong Kong Ma Liqun, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China Marium Jabyn, University of Waikato, New Zealand Matthew J. Wilson, University of Akron Law School, United States Michael Ramsden, Chinese University of Hong Kong Musa Toprak, Baskent University, Turkey Mutaz M. Qafisheh, Hebron University, Palestine Panarairat Srichaiyarat, Khon Kaen University, Thailand Rathna N. Koman, Singapore Management University Rogena Sterling, University of Waikato, New Zealand Thomas Chih-hsiung Chen, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Withoon Taloodkum, University of Phayao, Thailand Yael Efron, Hebrew University and Zefat Academic College School of Law, Israel

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Autor: Shuvro Prosun Sarker
ISBN-13:: 9781137517524
ISBN: 1137517522
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan
Seiten: 250
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 236x154x19 mm