The Soviet Union: A Documentary History, Volume One
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The Soviet Union: A Documentary History, Volume One

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Edward Acton
1, Exeter Studies in History

Contents Part 1 Revolution and Civil War (1917-1921): The February revolution and the Provisional Government The Bolshevik seizure of soviet power Bolshevik state, Orthodox church Soviet power and the peasantry The other Russia: a "third way" or dictatorship? Terror The crisis of "war communism" Part 2 The Period of the "New Economic Policy" (NEP) (1921-1928): The economy, the market and planning The state, the party and the leadership struggle Soviet power and the intelligentsia Church and state Part 3 Soviet Society under Stalin (1928-1940): Collectivization and the peasantry Industrialization and the working class Intelligentsia, opposition and terror Church and state
This is the first volume of a new integrated documentary history of the Soviet Union. The Soviet story looms large in history syllabuses across the world. This book will be a valuable resource for students at all levels, drawing upon the primary material that has come to light since the collapse of Communist rule in 1991. Combining lucid narrative commentary and a rich selection of evocative documents, it provides a lively entree to current debate over humanity's most momentous and tragic experiment. This volume is organized into three chronologically distinct parts, subdivided thematically and embedding over 200 documents. Key terms and references to individuals, places, events and institutions are explained and guidance provided on significant features of the primary sources. Edward Acton is Professor of Modern European History at the University of East Anglia. Tom Stableford is Assistant Librarian, Slavonic and East European Collections, Bodleian Library, Oxford.