The Color of Theater: Race, Culture and Contemporary Performance
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The Color of Theater: Race, Culture and Contemporary Performance

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Roberta Uno
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Continuum Studies in Drama (Pa

Part I: Introduction Roberta Uno; Part II: Essays; 1. Theater Beyond Borders Thulani Davis; 2. Interculturalism and Multiculturalism in an Age of Globalisation, Discriminations, Discontents and Dialogue Rustom Bharucha; 3. Staging Social Memory Diana Taylor; 4. Re-Imagining the Stage Jaye T. Darby; 5. Notes from a Cosmopolite Velina Hasu Houston; 6. Towards A New Territory in 'Multicultural' Theater Harry J. Elam, Jr.; 7. Sour Grapes: The Art of Anger in America Cherrie Moraga; Part III: Interviews; 8. Someplace to be Somebody: La Ma Ma's Ellen Stewart Alvin Eng; 9. Uncovering and Displaying out Universes: Jesusa Rodriguez in/on Mexico Roselyn Constantino; 10. Gendering Chiapas: Petrona Cruz Cruz and Isabel J.F. Juarez Espinosa of FOMMA Harley Erdman; 11. Who's Doing it Now? Conversations with Brian Freeman on the Politics of Black Gay Performance Marlon M. Bailey; 12. Something Larger than Ourselves: Interview with Nobuko Miyamoto Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns; 13. What do you Call it? Black Theater Artists Doing Multiculturalism: A Conversation with Paul Carter Harrison Roberta Uno; 14. Theater and Activism: Conversation with Chuck Mike Awam Amkpa; 15. Weaving a Legacy: An Interview with Muriel Miguel of the Spiderwoman Theater Ann Haugo; 16. Los Angeles Intersections: Chay Yew David Roman; Part IV: Performance Texts; 17. Collaboration/Celebration: Introduction to Quinceanera Joseph Salvatore Jr.; 18. Quinceanera Alberto Beto Araiza, Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Michael Marinez with Danny Saldivar; 19. Quinceanera: A Latino Queer and Transcultural Party of AIDS Alberto Sandoval-Sanchez; 20. Meditations on the Exotic Condition: Introduction to the bodies between us Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns; 21. the bodies between us le thi diem thuy; 22. "look at my bones:" Theater as Contact Zone in the bodies between us Una Chaudhuri; 23. Pocha Nostra's Apocolyptic Landscape: Introduction to Borderscape 2000 Lisa Wolford; 24. Borderscape 2000 Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Roberto Sifuentes; 25. Audioscape 2000: The Pocha Nostra and the Performance of Sound Josh D. Kun; 26. Elijah's Journey Talvin Wilks; 27. Elijah Sekou Sundiata; 28. Conversations with History: Sekou Sundiata, Craig Harris and Elijah Joni Jones; 29. Notes on Udu, Formerly Elijah Sekou Sundiata
The Color of Theater presents a range of essays, interviews and performance texts that illustrate and examine the process, evolution and dynamics of making theater in the dawning moments of the 21st century.