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Film, Politics & Education

Film, Politics & Education

Cinematic Pedagogy Across the Disciplines
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Contents: Kelvin Shawn Sealey: Introduction: Film, Politics, and Education: Cinematic Pedagogy Across the Disciplines - John Broughton: Inconvenient Feet: How Youth and Popular Culture Meet Resistance in Education - Annette Bickford: Popular Culture and the Politics of Revolutionary Education - Elizabeth Ellsworth: Mode of Address: It's a Film Thing - Barry Bergdoll: Altered States of Vision: Film, Video, and the Teaching of Architectural History - Peter Lucas: Human Rights Films Seeding Peace Education: Case Study Brazil - Chyng Feng Sun: Always on Top of the Food Chain - «Circle of Life», The Lion King, and Hegemony - bell hooks/Kelvin Shawn Sealey: Afterword: On the Topic of Film and Education: A Conversation with bell hooks.
Introducing the concept of cinematic education - defined as pedagogy infused by the moving image - this volume explores the historical, theoretical, and practical basis for using film in kindergarten through post-secondary classrooms. Its scholarly inquiry into the meaning film can bring to teaching and learning extends a vast literature on film theory. At the same time it broadens the scope of cultural studies in education to include a more thorough consideration of the day-to-day political dimensions of the cinematic in K-12 public and private classrooms.

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Autor: Kelvin Shawn Sealey
ISBN-13: 9780820478814
ISBN: 0820478814
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Editiert von: Kelvin Shawn Sealey
The Editor: Kelvin Shawn Sealey, an educational consultant and lecturer, is co-founder, with John Broughton, of the Film and Education Research Academy (FERA) at Teachers College, Columbia University. His scholarly pursuits embrace the field of cultural studies and education, and include research in and the teaching of courses on cinema and education; architecture and education; entrepreneurship and education; and the educational spectacular, the subject of his doctoral thesis at Teachers College. He is also the founder and director of the Design Lab for Learning Organizations at the Columbia Graduate School for Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Dr. Sealey has edited or co-edited four published volumes: A Reader in Social Enterprise (2000); Restoring Hope (1997); The Media Reader (1997); and The Question of New Orleans (2006).

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Autor: Kelvin Shawn Sealey
ISBN-13:: 9780820478814
ISBN: 0820478814
Erscheinungsjahr: 04.06.2008
Verlag: Lang, Peter
Gewicht: 256g
Seiten: 165
Sprache: Englisch
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