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Stop Playing Safe

How To Be Braver in Your Work, Leadership and Life
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Margie Warrell
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Have you ever looked back and wished you'd been braver?Today's culture of fear is constantly bombarding you with reasons to play it safe. Yet, is it keeping you living too safely, procrastinating and not taking the very actions that would help you enjoy greater self-confidence, professional success and personal fulfillment.If you ever hold back from making changes or taking chances, Stop Playing Safe is for you.In this fully updated 'post-pandemic' edition, Dr Margie Warrell challenges you to 'rethink risk' and back your boldest goals with braver action. Drawing on her diverse global experience working in coaching, psychology and with trailblazing leaders such as Richard Branson and Bill Marriott, this book will empower you to master fear and 'take the chance' when it matters most.Margie will get to the heart of what's holding you back, giving you proven strategies to:* find your 'Why' to do more of what ignites your passion (and less of what doesn't!)* uncover your blind spots to make smarter decisions, faster* apply four simple steps to build resilience and manage your 'stress triggers'* activate 'post traumatic growth' to turn your toughest problems into your greatest growth* nail difficult conversations to resolve conflict, build trust, and strengthen relationships* be an inspiring leader who emboldens others to think bigger, learn faster, and accomplish more.Whether you're a business owner, climbing the corporate ladder or embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor, Stop Playing Safe is powerful reading for anyone who doesn't want to settle for less than the biggest life they're capable of living.
About Margie ixPreface xiIntroduction xiiiPart ICore Courage Build Your Foundation 11 Know Your Why Decide how you will measure success 32 Lean towards Risk the odds are better than you think 213 Be Trustworthy Align bold action with right action 49Part IIWorking Courage Unlock Dormant Potential 654 Speak Bravely Embrace the discomfort of crucial conversations 675 Learn, Unlearn and Relearn the thinking that got you here won't get you there 876 Embrace Setbacks Transform adversity to rise to higher ground 1097 Lead Bravely Cultivate a culture that fuels courage, not fear 135Part IIITake Courage Set Yourself Up For Success! 1598 Back Yourself Don't wait to feel brave...take the leap! 161Acknowledgements 177Index 179