Podcasting Hacks: Tips and Tools for Blogging Out Loud
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Podcasting Hacks: Tips and Tools for Blogging Out Loud

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Jack D. Herrington
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Podcasting is a web-based broadcast medium that sends audio content directly to an iPod or other digital audio player. This book offers tips and tools for blogging out loud - for transmitting (and receiving) audio content worldwide with ease. It covers both entry-level and advanced topics useful for aspiring and experienced podcasters.
Foreword Credits Preface Chapter 1. Tuning into Podcasts 1. Listen to Podcasts on the Web 2. Rebroadcast Your Favorite Feeds 3. Build Your Own Podcatcher 4. Import Podcasts into iTunes 5. Tune into Videoblogs 6. Convert Text-Based Blogs into Podcasts 7. Install Perl Modules 8. Listen to Podcasts on Your PDA 9. Podcatching with Your PlayStation Portable Chapter 2. Starting Out 10. Make Your First Podcast 11. Professional-Quality Podcasting Chapter 3. Quality Sound 12. Set Up a Basic Home Studio 13. Pick the Right Microphone 14. Mix Your Podcast in Hardware 15. Reduce Noise 16. Podcast in Surround Sound 17. Control Your Recorder with Your Mobile Phone 18. Construct Your MP3s 19. Train Your VoiceChapter 4. Formats 20. Adopt a Format for Your Podcast 21. Build a Great News Podcast 22. Build a Great Story Show 23. Build a Great Personal Show 24. Build a Great Political Show 25. Make a Mystery Science Theater Podcast 26. Build a Great Music Podcast 27. Build a Great Review Podcast 28. Build a Great Sports Podcast 29. Build a Great Technology Podcast 30. Build a Beercast 31. Build an MP3zine 32. Produce Great Audio Theatre Chapter 5. Interviewing 33. Record Great Interviews 34. Record Telephone Interviews 35. Record Interviews on Skype 36. Edit Your InterviewsChapter 6. Blogging 37. Podcast Without a Blog 38. Blog Your Podcast 39. Manage Bandwidth 40. Tag Your MP3 Files 41. Feed Your MP3s to Movable Type 42. Podcast by Email 43. Syndicate Your Podcasts to the Radio Chapter 7. Publicity 44. Get Listed 45. Launch a New Category 46. Market Your Podcast 47. Make Money with Podcasts 48. Connect with the Community 49. Join or Build a Podcast Network Chapter 8. Basic Editing 50. Choose the Right Audio Tools 51. Juice Your Sound 52. Automate Audio Hijack Pro 53. Timestamp Your Show Notes 54. Build a Simple Sound Cart for Macintosh 55. Build a Simple Sound Cart for Windows 56. Maintain the Gain 57. Build a Sweet Sound 58. Add Special Effects 59. Fix Common Audio Problems 60. Mix Multiple Tracks Chapter 9. Advanced Audio 61. Set Up a Home Studio 62. Integrate Audio and Email Feedback 63. Add Top, Bottom, and Bumper Music 64. Record and Add Background Ambience 65. Speech Synthesize Your Podcast Introduction 66. Make a Mash-Up 67. Grab Audio Legally 68. Use Copyrighted Music Legally Chapter 10. On the Go 69. Assemble a Small Recording Rig 70. Podcast from Your Car 71. Podcast at an Event 72. Create a Soundseeing Tour Chapter 11. Videoblogging 73. Start a Videocast 74. Make a Quick-and-Dirty Prompter 75. Build a Teleprompter Glossary Index
Podcasting does for Internet audio listeners what TiVo does for television viewers--it puts you in charge of when you enjoy a program. Podcasting is a web-based broadcast medium that sends audio content (most commonly in the MP3 format) directly to an iPod or other digital audio player. You subscribe to audio feeds, receive new files automatically, and listen to them at your convenience.As you can imagine, podcasting is taking the "blogsphere" by storm. A podcast is a professional-quality Internet radio broadcast, and like blogging and HTML before it, this revolutionary new way of publishing to the Internet has become the new outlet for personal expression.If you've got Internet access and a copy of Podcasting Hacks, you can find out just how easy it is to listen to and create your own Internet audio programs. With Podcasting Hacks, Jack Herrington, a software engineer with 20 years of experience developing applications using a diverse set of languages and tools, delivers the ultimate how-to of podcasting for anyone looking to get the most out of this hot new medium.Since August 2004 (the month that iPodder.com editor Adam Curry considers the start of podcasting), audio blogging has exploded. Podcasts cover every conceivable topic, including sex, relationships, technology, religion, home brewing, recreational drugs, rock 'n roll, food, entertainment, politics, and much more. There were podcastsfrom the Democratic National Convention in Fall 2004, and some programs on Air America and NPR are also podcasts.Podcasting Hacks offers expert tips and tools for blogging out loud--for transmitting (and receiving) audio content worldwide with ease. This groundbreaking volume covers both entry-level and advanced topics perfect for aspiring and experienced podcasters. Herrington shows you how to get started, create quality sound, use the right software, develop a great show, distribute a podcast, and build an audience. More advanced topics include audio editing, podcasting on the go, and even videocasting.