Veering Right - How the Bush Administration Subverts the Law for Conservative Causes
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Veering Right - How the Bush Administration Subverts the Law for Conservative Causes

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Charles Tiefer
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Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Getting Ready to Veer Right 2. Ashy": The Social Conservative Agenda 3. Flouting Civil Liberties: Libraries or Weapons? 4. Domestic Affairs Veer Right 5. The Corruption 6. Going It Alone 7. Veering from Riyadh to Baghdad 8. Blindfolding the Public 9. If This Goes On Notes Bibliography Index
"Few have the knowledge, ability and credentials that Charles Tiefer does to explain to general readers (as well as scholars) how the Bush II administration has twisted and turned the law to support its radical political agenda. "Veering Right is a very important (not to mention timely) work because Tiefer has done it so lucidly and compellingly."--John W. Dean, Former Nixon White House counsel and author of "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush"With this book, Charles Tiefer places the administration of George W. Bush under his experienced magnifying glass. "Veering Right is a brilliant expose of abuse of power at the highest levels. Tiefer understands that seemingly obscure legal maneuvering can have enormous political and policy ramifications. This book lays bare the questionable legal foundation on which Bush II constructed his signature domestic and foreign policies. "Veering Right should outrage anyone who cares about the rule of law and the principle of open government."--Representative Henry Waxman""Veering Right is a wake up call for Americans who believe that today's intense political conflicts are no more than partisan squabbling with nothing at stake except the spoils of victory. Tiefer has seen the new 'Radical Conservatives' up close in Washington, and he is convinced what is at stake are the basic American values that have guided policies for generations. The critical question he poses for us all is whether we are ready for the sweeping consequences of the extreme rightward trend in both domestic and international policies."--Richard C. Leone, President, The Century Foundation"This book shines a piercing light into the veritable blackhole of Bush Administration secrecy. Tiefer's documented exposure of unrelenting White House political point-scoring, with his deft uncovering of its radical ideological patterns, may just let in enough sunlight to awaken the media's scrutiny and criticism from its deep com