Biotechnology: Assessing Social Impacts and Policy Implications
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Biotechnology: Assessing Social Impacts and Policy Implications

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David J. Webber
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The social, ethical, economic, legal, and political aspects of the biotechnological revolution are examined in 14 essays written by leading researchers in the field. These investigations of the technically and politically complex policy issues facing academic, business, agricultural, and medical institutions as well as policy makers at local, state and national levels, anticipate an array of social, economic, and institutional consequences that will occur in coming decades if biotechnology gains wide acceptance.
Part 1 Social and political dimensions of biotechnology: agricultural biotechnology, risk and political values - philosophical rehtoric and the structure of political debate, Paul B.Thompson; organized religion and biotechnology - social responsibility and the role of government, Thomas C.Weigele; political choices, social values and the economics of biotechnology - a lesson from the dairy industry, William P.Browne and Larry G.Homm. Part 2 Institutional responses to the development of biotechnology: American universities, technology innovation and technological transfer - implications for biotechnology research, Charles Johnson and Robin Moore; biotechnology and agricultural co-operatives - opportunities, challenges and strategies for the future, William B.Lacy et al; plant biotechnology networking in developing countries, Robert K.Dixon. Part 3 Assessing potential impacts of biotechnology: who will benefit from agricultural biotechnology - an analysis of economic and legal influences, Beverly Fleisher; regulating genetically engineered organisms - the case of the dairy industry, Richard Sherlock and Amal Kawar; regulatory experience with food safety - social choice inplications for recombinant DNA derived animal growth hormones, Fred Kuchler et al. Part 4 Public policy responses to biotechnology; biotechnology - issue development and evolution, L.Christopher Flein; policy makers address biotechnology - issues and responsibilities, Morris Bosin; economic development and public policy - what is the role for biotechnology?, Mack C.Shelley II et al; biotechnology policy knowledge - a challenge to congressional policy makers and policy analysts, David J.Webber.
Defining biotechnology as any technique that uses living organisms or processes to make or modify products, to improve plants or animals, or to develop micro-organisms, this collection of essays focuses on the social, ethical, economic, legal and political aspects of biotechnological applications.