Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Quantum Computing
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Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Quantum Computing

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Dmitri V. Averin
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Preface; P. Silvestrini. Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Decoherence in SQUIDs; A.J. Leggett. Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in an rf-SQUID; J.R. Friedman, et al. Quantum-State Interference in a Cooper-Pair Box; Y. Nakamura, et al. Macroscopic Quantum Superposition in a Three-Josephson-Junction Loop; C.H. van der Wal, et al. Bose-Einstein Condensation with Attractive Interaction: Fate of a False Vacuum; M. Ueda, H. Saito. Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena in Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates; F. Sols, S. Kohler. Phase-Coherent Electronic Transport in a Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube; N. Kim, et al. Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena in Underdamped Josephson Junctions; V. Corato, et al. Superconducting Devices to test Macroscopic Quantum Coherence on the Flux States of an rf SQUID; C. Cosmelli, et al. Biepitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-x grain boundary Josephson Junctions: 0- and p-rings for fundamental studies and potential circuit implementation; F. Tafuri, et al. The Superconducting Single Electron Transistor: In Situ Variation of the Dissipation; J.B. Kycia, et al. Electrometers for Measuring the Single Cooper Pair Box; A. Cottet, et al. Adiabatic Transport of Cooper Pairs in Arrays of Small Josephson Junctions; J.P. Pekola, et al. Entangled States in a Josephson Charge QuBit coupled to a Superconducting Resonator; O. Buisson, F.W.J. Hekking. Cooper Pair Tunneling in Circuits with Substantial Dissipation: the Three-junction R-pump for Single Cooper Pairs; A.B. Zorin, et al. Nonlocality in Superconducting Microstructures; K.Y. Arutynov, et al. Characterisation of Cooper Pair Boxes for Quantum Bits; M.T. Savolainen. Noise Measurements of a Superconducting Single Electron Transistor (SSET) at T=0.3K; B. Buonomo, et al.Quantum Coherence and Decoherence in Magnetic Nanostructures; E.M. Chudnovsky. MQT of Magnetic Particels; W. Wernsdofer. Abrupt Transition between Thermally-Assisted and Pure Quantum Tunneling in MN12; K.M. Mertes, et al. Quantum Effects in the Dynamics of the Magnetization in Single Molecule Magnets; D. Gatteschi, et al. Quantum Coherence and Very Low Temperature Magnetic Experiments in Mesoscopic Magnets; J. Tejada, et al. Quantum Gates and Networks with Cavity QED systems; D. Vitali, et al. Dual Josephson Phenomena: Interaction of Vortices with Non-classical Microwaves; A. Vourdas, et al. Quantum Computation: Theory, Practice, and Future Prospects; I.L. Chuang. Reading-out a Quantum States: an Analysis of the Quantum Measurement Process; Y. Makhlin, et al. Adiabatic Inversion in the SQUID, Macroscopic Coherence and Decoherence; P. Silvestrini, L. Stodolsky. Quantum Computing with Separable States?; R. Schack. Spintronics and Quantum Computing with Quantum Dots; P. Recher, et al. Double Quantum Dot Coupled to Two Superconductors: Transport and Spin Entanglement; M.-S. Choi, et al. Transport through Artificial Kondo Impurities; S. De Franceschi, et al. Compensation of the spin of a quantum dot at Coulomb blockade; D. Giuliano, et al. Multi-particle Entanglement in Quantum Computers; K. Molmer, A. Soresen. Stabilization of Quantum Information: a Unified Dynamical-Algebraic Approach; P. Zanardi. !/F Noise during manipulation of Josephson charge qubits; E. Paladino, et al. Non-Markovian Dynamics in Continuous-wave atom lasers; H.P. Breuer, et al. Time-Correlated Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of Solitons in Density Waves and Long Josephson Junctions; J.H. Miller, Jr. The No
This volume is an outgrowth of the Second International Workshop on Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Computing held in Napoli, Italy, in June 2000. This workshop gathered a number of experts from the major Universities and Research Institutions of several countries. The choice of the location, which recognizes the role and the traditions of Naples in this field, guaranteed the participants a stimulating atmosphere. The aim of the workshop has been to report on the recent theoretical and experimental results on the macroscopic quantum coherence of macroscopic systems. Particular attention was devoted to Josephson devices. The correlation with other atomic and molecular systems, exhibiting a macroscopic quantum behaviour, was also discussed. The seminars provided both historical overview and recent theoretical ground on the topic, as well as information on new experimental results relative to the quantum computing area. The first workshop on this topic, held in Napoli in 1998, has been ennobled by important reports on observations of Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in mesoscopic systems. The current workshop proposed, among many stimulating results, the first observations of Macroscopic Quantum Coherence between macroscopically distinct fluxoid states in rf SQUIDs, 20 years after the Leggett's proposal to experimentally test the quantum behavior of macroscopic systems. Reports on observations of quantum behaviour in molecular and magnetic systems, small Josephson devices, quantum dots have also been particularly stimulating in view of the realization of several possible q-bits.