Carlson, A: Nature and Landscape
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Carlson, A: Nature and Landscape

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PrefaceAcknowledgments1. The Development and Nature of Environmental Aesthetics2. Aesthetic Appreciation and the Natural Environment3. The Requirements for an Adequate Aesthetics of Nature4. Aesthetic Appreciation and the Human Environment5. Appreciation of the Human Environment Under Different Conceptions6. Aesthetic Appreciation and the Agricultural Landscape7. What Is the Correct Way to Aesthetically Appreciate Landscapes?NotesBibliographyIndex
The roots of environmental aesthetics are embedded in the ideas of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century thinkers who found in nature the opportunity for an open, active, and creative form of aesthetic appreciation. Having blossomed into a significant subfield of aesthetics, environmental aesthetics today encourages appreciation of not just natural environments but of human-made and human-modified landscapes as well.