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Network Epidemiology: A Handbook for Survey Design and Data Collection

Network Epidemiology: A Handbook for Survey Design and Data Collection

International Studies in Demog
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In this title, eight pioneering network studies from around the world are reviewed, with an introduction that lays out the basics of network survey design, and a glossary of network terminology.
Editor's Introduction; Overview of Network Survey Designs; LOCAL NETWORK DESIGNS; 1. Network data collection and its relevance for the analysis of STDs: The National Health and Social Life Survey, and Chicago Health and Social Life Survey; 2. The Thailand and Ugandan Sexual Network Studies; 3. Sexual networks and HIV in four African populations: the use of a standardised behavioural survey with biological markers; PARTIAL NETWORK DESIGNS; 4. Network dynamism: history and lessons of the Colorado Springs study; 5. The Urban and Rural Networks Project (Atlanta and Flagstaff); 6. The Seattle Sexual Mixing, Sexual Networks, and Sexual Partnership Types Studies; COMPLETE NETWORK DESIGNS; 7. The Collection and Analysis of Social Network Data in Nang Rong, Thailand; 8. Social and Sexual Networks: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health; Index
Over the past two decades, the epidemic of HIV/AIDS has challenged the public health community to fundamentally rethink the framework for preventing infectious diseases. While much progress has been made on the biomedical front in treatments for HIV infection, prevention still relies on behaviour change. This book documents and explains the remarkable breakthroughs in behavioural research design that have emerged to confront this new challenge: the study of partnership networks.

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Autor: Martina Morris
ISBN-13: 9780199269013
ISBN: 0199269017
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Professor Martina Morris is Blumstein-Jordan Chair in the Departments of Sociology and Statistics at the University of Washington. She is also Director of the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, Director of the Sociobehavioural and Prevention Research Core at the Center for AIDS Research, and Co-Director of the Behaviour Research Training Program at the Center for AIDS Research. She has been Professor at Pennsylvania State University and Associate Professorat Columbia University.

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Autor: Martina Morris
ISBN-13:: 9780199269013
ISBN: 0199269017
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2004
Gewicht: 531g
Seiten: 252
Sprache: Englisch
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