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  1. Taschenbuch
    After 9/11 the US response to Al-Qaeda - the Global War on Terror - was heavily influenced by the 'clash of civilizations' theory. First introduced by Bernard Lewis in 1993 in an article entitled '...
  2. Taschenbuch
    Sofort lieferbar
    Europe is increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-faith, as well as multi-cultural. Western democracies now comprise a plurality of fundamental opinions and inherited cultures; it is not clear how (or ...
  3. Taschenbuch
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    With one exception, the papers collected here were first presented at a conference sponsored by the British Academy held at Newbold College, Berkshire, in 1999. This volume provides a historical pe...
  4. Ebook
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    The inspiration for this book arose from the opening of the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus route on 7 April 2005, the first direct link between the two parts of divided Kashmir since 1947. The original ...
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