Electronic Irradiation of Foods: An Introduction to the Technology (Food Engineering)

An Introduction to the Technology
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Robert B. Miller,R. B. Miller
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Food irradiation, the use of ionizing radiation to destroy harmful biological organism in food, is a safe, proven process that has many useful applications. It has been endorsed by numerous health organizations and has now been approved for many applications by governments around the world.

Electronic Irradiation of Foods describes all the key aspects of electron accelerator technology in detail. It emphasizes the physical science and technology aspects of food irradiation using machine sources of ionizing radiation. The book provides significant technical depth for interested workers and present descriptive, introductory material that should help demystify technology for businessmen to make informed choices regarding important investments decisions.

Introductory chapters summarize the effects of ionizing radiation on biological organisms and the organic compounds comprising foods, and give an overview of the food irradiation process. Subsequent chapters cover the details of the electron beam and x-ray energy deposition, electron accelerator technologies, beam scanning systems, material handling systems, shielding design, and process control considerations. Important appendices cover radiation dosimetry, induced radioactivity, and ozone generation. TOC:Introduction to Food Irradiation.- Overview of Food Irradiation Technology and Concepts.- Food Irradiation Using Electron Beams.- Food Irradiation Using X-Rays.- Overview of Electron Accelerator Systems.- Principles of Electron Acceleration in Microwave Accelerators.- Microwave Accelerator Subsystems and Components.- Magnetic Transport and Beam Scanning Systems.- Material Handling Systems and Components.- Radiation Safety and X-Ray Shield Design.- Critical System Parameters and Process Control.- Appendix A: Dosimetry Techniques.- Appendix B: Electron Kinetic Energy Measurements Using Thin Film Dosimeters.- Appendix C: Induced Radioactivity in Food by Electron and X-Ray Irradiation.- Appendix D: Ozone Generation by Ionizing Radiation.

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