Systems, Interaction and Applications
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Lars Kjelldahl
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This volume records the first Eurographics Workshop on Multimedia, Stockholm, April 1991. Eight parts deal with fundamentals, interaction, synchronization, demonstration presentations, cooperative work, information systems, systems, and conclusions.
I. Fundamentals.- 1. Introduction.- 2. A Proposal for a Reference Model for Cooperative HyperMedia Systems.- 3. CDAM - Compound Document Access and Management. An Object-Oriented Approach.- II. Interaction.- 4. Multimedia from the Perspectives of Psychology.- 5. The Design Space of Interfaces.- 6. Out of the Window: A Multi-Medium.- III. Synchronization.- 7. Synchronizing the Presentation of Multimedia Objects - ODA Extensions.- 8. An Object-Oriented Framework for Multimedia Composition and Synchronisation.- 9. ASE - Audio and Synchronization Extension of Compound Documents.- IV. Demonstration Presentations.- 10. SAL, A Hypermedia Prototype System.- 11. A Design Proposal for a Hypermedia Abstract Machine.- 12. How to Build a Multimedial Communication/Creation System for Music and Human Motion.- V. Cooperative Work.- 13. Multimedia Conferencing as a Universal Paradigm for Collaboration.- 14. Uniform Integration of Voice in Groupware.- 15. A Distributed Multimedia Interface Builder.- 16. CoMEdiA - a Cooperative hyperMedia Editing Architecture. The Problem of the Cooperative Access.- VI. Information Systems.- 17. An Open Hypermedia System for Multimedia Applications.- 18. The Manchester Multimedia Information System.- 19. Database Requirements for Multimedia Applications.- VII. Systems.- 20. A Transputer Based Multimedia System.- 21. Managing Multimedia Resources in Process Control: Problems and Solutions.- 22. Support for the Authors of Multimedia Tutorials.- 23. An Object Oriented Architecture for Interactive Animation and Simulation.- VIII. Conclusions.- 24. Interactive Multimedia Information Systems for Education.- 25. Collected Conclusions.- List of Participants.
This volume is a record of the first Eurographics Workshop on Multimedia, held at the department of Numerical Analysis and Computing Science (NADA), Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, April 18-19, 1991. Eurographics is the European Association for Computer Graphics. It is a non-profit organization, one of whose activities is organizing workshops to provide an interface between academic and industrial research in the field of computer graphics. The idea of holding a Eurographics workshop on multimedia was put forward at the Eurographics conference in 1989. Following the success of this first workshop, a second workshop has been announced, to take place in Darmstadt, May 4-6, 1992. The Stockholm workshop met with great interest and many good contributions were received by the program committee. There were approximately 40 participants and 23 presentations were given - so many indeed that one might characterize the workshop as a working conference - and there were many discussions focusing on the presentations. The presentations dealt with a range of topics, including the clarification of ideas about the different concepts in multimedia, object-oriented methods for multimedia, multimedia from psychological perspectives, synchronization problems in multimedia, cooperative work using multimedia, and building multimedia interfaces. The presentations were the focus for numerous discussions. There was also a small exhibition of four different multimedia systems, representing the spectrum from research prototypes to commercial products.