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High Energy Spin Physics

High Energy Spin Physics

Volume 2: Workshops Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium Held at Bonn, FRG, 6-15 September 1990
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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium Held at Bonn, FRG, 6-15 September 1990 The combination of four workshops with a major symposium at the recent international meeting in Bonn on high energy spin physics proved attractive not only for experimentalists and theorists but also for those who plan and prepare polarized beams and targets. Since many interesting and important results were presented and reviewed at the workshops, this proceedings volume will be valuable to a wide range of researchers dealing with spin physics.
I Polarized Electron Sources and Electron Spin Polarimeters.- The SLC Polarized Electron Source.- The Orsay Polarized Electron Source.- Source of Polarized Electrons for MAMI B.- Status of the Kharkov Linac Polarized Electron Source.- Photocathode Studies for an Ultracold Electron Beam Device.- Spin-Polarized Photoelectrons from Optically Pumped p-CdSiAs2(100).- Development of Polarized Electron Source of GaAs-AlGaAs Superlattice and Strained GaAs.- Spinrotator for MAMI.- Status of the HERA Electron Polarimeter.- The Møller Polarimeter for MAMI.- Monte Carlo Studies of Compton Scattering for the LEP Laser Polarimeter.- List of Participants.- II Siberian Snakes and Polarization in Circular Machines.- Experiments with Siberian Snakes.- A Partial Snake for the AGS.- An Operational Description of the Compact and Tunable LEP Spin Rotator.- First Evidence of Transverse Polarization in LEP.- Transverse Polarization in LEP.- Compensation of Depolarizing Effects at HERA.- Spin Matching Conditions in Large Electron Storage Rings with Purely Horizontal Beam Polarization.- The New Conceptual Design of Snakes and Spin Rotators in RHIC.- The Capability of Polarized Beam Acceleration at the Moscow KAON Factory.- Polarized Protons in the TRIUMF KAON Factory.- Status of the Spin Splitter Experiment at IUCF.- An Intense Polarized Beam by a Laser Ionization Injection.- Higher Order Spin Resonances in High Energy Electron Storage Rings.- On Snake-Orbit Matching.- Reduction of the Spin Perturbations at Using the Intrinsic Framework.- Measurement of Electron Polarization at TRISTAN.- List of Participants.- III Polarized Gas Targets.- Recent Developments in Laser-Driven Polarized Sources.- Progress on the Michigan-MIT Ultra-Cold Polarized Hydrogen Jet.- Polarized Jet Target of Hydrogen and Deuterium Atoms.- Accumulation of Hydrogen Atoms in a Low Temperature Storage Cell of a Polarized Hydrogen Gas Jet Source.- Intensity Measurements on the FILTEX Atomic Beam Source.- The Pumping Speed Limitations of the Atomic Beam Intensity.- Compression of Polarized 3He.- Progress with High Density Polarized 3He Targets.- Spin Relaxation on Surfaces.- Storage Cell Target for Polarized Hydrogen and Deuterium.- The Measurements of the Atoms' Polarization in the Drifilm Coating Storage Cell.- Description of an Atomic-Beam Sampling Polarimeter.- A Polarimeter for Polarized Proton Gas Targets.- Gas Dynamics Aspects of Internal Targets.- Protecting the HERMES Experiment from Synchrotron Radiation.- A Storage Cell for the Filter Target Test Experiment.- Mechanical Design of Storage Cells.- List of Participants.- IV Polarized Solid Targets.- First Use of the Polarized Target Facility at Fermilab.- The Bonn Frozen Spin Target for Experiments with Real Photons.- The PSI Frozen-Spin Target.- Spin Physics in CHAOS.- The New Polarized Target Facility at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology.- A Cryostat for Sample Irradiations in Liquid Argon.- A Multipurpose Q-Meter with Switching Phase Shift Detector.- Design Considerations for Variable-Frequency Pulsed NMR Deuteron Polarization Measurement.- Instrumentation for the Two-Litre Polarized Target of the SMC NA47 Experiment.- The PSI NMR-System for Polarized Targets.- Calculation and Simulation of the Deuteron NMR Spectrum in Propanediol.- Polarization Studies with Radiation Doped Ammonia at 5T and 1K.- Polarization Behaviour of NH3 at 3.5 Tesla and in the Frozen Spin Mode.- DNP of 15NH3.- Butanol in the Frozen Spin Mode.- LAMPF Polarized 13C Targets.- Results from the PSI 6LiD Target.- Comparison of Polarized Target Materials in Different Magnetic Fields.- Dynamic Polarization of Solid 3He.- Investigation of Organic Substances for Development of Targets with Polarized Hydrogen and Deuterium Nuclei.- Progress in the Chemistry of Chromium(V) Doping Agents Used in Polarized Target Materials.- Some Metal Complexes as Free Radicals for Polarized Targets.- Measurements of Glass Properties and Density of Hydrocarbon
The 9th International Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics was held in Bonn, 6-15 September 1990, with the Physikalisches Institut der Universitat Bonn as the host. The symposium was preceded by a series of four workshops on - polarized electron sources and electron spin polarimeters - Siberian snakes and polarization in circular machines - polarized gas targets - polarized solid targets. 160 participants from 11 countries, among them many young physicists, came together and discussed mainly technological spin problems. The high level of participation indicates that workshops combined with the symposium are attractive not only for people who plan and prepare polarized beams and targets but also for experimentalists and theorists dealing with high energy spin physics. At these workshops many very interesting and important recent results were presented and reviewed. Thus we hope these proceedings will be valuable to many researchers in these fields. The Organizing Committee would like to thank all participants, in particular the speakers and the session chairmen, for their contributions to the workshops and for helping to create a lively and stimulating atmosphere. Special thanks go to the organizers - W. Haeberli, S. Mango, E. Reichert, E. Steffens, W. Thiel, U. Wienands - for their cooperation in preparing and running these workshops. We gratefully acknowledge the enthusiastic help of the members of our institute in preparing and running the conference and the workshops, especially Mrs. D. FaSbender, Mrs. E. Wendorf, Mrs. J. Wetzel, and Dr. U.Idschok.

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