Atomic Physics of Highly Charged Ions

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen Giessen, Federal Republic of Germany, 10-14 September 1990
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Paul H. Mokler
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This proceedings volume covers, in more than 20 invited articles and nearly 100 contributed papers, the current research activity in the field of highly charged ions. The latest achievements in both theory and experiment are dealt with.
Invited Papers.- Role of highly-charged ions in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas.- Theory of highly-ionized few-electron systems.- Precision spectroscopic measurements in few-electron ions.- Atomic spectroscopy in highly ionised plasmas.- Electron scattering theory for highly charged ions.- Dielectronic and radiative recombination with highly charged ions.- Electron-impact excitation of multiply-charged ions using energy loss in merged beams: e + Si3+ (3s2 S1/2) ? e + Si3+ (3p2 P1/2,3/2).- Electron impact ionization of multiply charged ions.- Electron ion interactions in crystal channels: collisions in ultra-dense electron media.- Electron-electron interactions in fast ion-atom collisions.- Dynamics of recoil-ion production.- Theory of multiple ionization and capture in energetic ion-atom collisions.- Experiments with highly-charged ions in the storage ring TSR.- Status of the theory of electron capture in ion-atom collisions at low and intermediate energies.- Photons shedding light on basic charge exchange processes.- Calculations for doubly-excited states populated in two-electron processes.- Two electron processes in charge exchange reactions involving multiply charged ions.- Radiative stabilization following transfer of two electrons to Xeq+(q ? 35) in slow collisions with He and Xe.- Interaction of heavy ions with hot ionized matter.- The status of the electron beam ion sources.- ECRIS: the electron cyclotron resonance ion sources - (status).- Study of the interaction of very slow hollow atoms with a solid.- New trends in ion-surface interactions.- What ions experience on their way into a metal surface.- X-ray- and Auger-spectra from multi charged ions interacting with surfaces and solids.- Dielectronic recombination measurements at EBIT.- Contributed Papers.- Spectroscopic data tables for highly ionized atoms.- Satellite spectra for highly-charged H-like ions.- Autoionization states ls2141 -energy and autoionization rates.- X-ray emission rates from MCDF wave functions including electron exchange corrections.- Effects of final-state interactions of the L-MM Auger spectra of krypton.- Soft x-ray spectroscopy of high-Z ions in a cool and dense plasma.- Theoretical analysis of iron X-ray spectra observed in solar active region.- Absolute radiometry technique for VUV and SXR radiation fluxes.- He2+-H collisions: experimental charge exchange cross sections and their relevance for alpha particle diagnostics at JET.- The laser ion source of multiply charged ions.- Multicharged ion-atom collisions - application for Tokamak edge plasma physics.- Heavy ion beam excitation of rare gases.- Mean ionization state and composition of a dense high-Z plasma.- Electron and positron impact experiments on metallic foils at the Giessen positron source TEPOS.- Highly charged ions in a penning trap: mass measurements, etc.- Parity violation in two-electron systems.- Coupled channel analysis of electron-positron pair production in relativistic heavy ion collisions.- A Monte Carlo model of complex spectra for opacity calculations.- Relativistic calculations of inelastic scattering of electrons by highly-charged ions.- Resonances in the electron-impact single and multiple ionization of ions.- Inner-shell ionization of lithium-like chromium ions.- Electron impact ionization cross section measurement of lithium-like Ba.- A new technique for excitation studies in electron-ion collisions.- Excitation of multiply charged ions by electron impact.- Recombination of free electrons with U28+ ions.- X-rays from electron bombardment of heliumlike argon.- Dielectronic recombination into Rydberg levels of lithiumlike titanium.- Measurements of resonant transfer and excitation cross sections for U90+ projectiles in H2.- Relativistic Auger rates for dielectronic recombination with highly-charged few-electron ions.- Channel-coupling effects in electron-atom collisions.- Doubly excited states in lithiumlike Si XII, S XIV, and Ar XVI.- ...
This book contains the invited lectures and contributed papers presented at the V International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions, which was held at the lustus-Liebig-Universi tat Giessen, 10-14 September 1990. This conference was the ftfth in a series -after Stockholm (1982), Oxford (1984), Groningen (1986) and Grenoble (1988) -to deal with a rapidly growing fteld, which comprises the spectroscopy of highly charged ions and their interactions with photons, electrons, atoms, ions, and solids. Most of the matter of the universe is in the ionized state. Investigations dealing with hot plasmas on earth have been greatly furthered by thermonuclear-fusion research. The increasing maturity of this programme has revealed the fundamental role of highly charged ions in fusion plasmas. Today, it is clear that a detailed knowledge of the production mechanisms of highly charged ions and their interactions with other plasma constituents is an important prerequisite for a better understanding of the microscopic and macroscopic plasma properties. The study of highly charged ions involves various branches of physics. It was the aim of the conference to bring together physicists working in atomic collisions and spectroscopy, in plasma physics and astrophysics, as well as in solid-state and ion-source physics. About 220 scientists from 20 nations attended the conference, indicating the strong worldwide interest and the vital ity of research in this fteld.