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The Medical Management of Prostate Cancer II

The Medical Management of Prostate Cancer II

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The Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer.- The Molecular Biology of Prostate Cancer.- The Endocrinological Basis for Hormonal Therapy of Prostate Tumours.- Oestrogens and Estracyt in Prostate Cancer.- Antiandrogens in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer.- Surgical versus Medical Castration in the Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer.- Second-Line Endocrine Treatment in Advanced Prostate Cancer.- Chemotherapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer.- Current Trends of Treatment.
How to treat advanced prostatic cancer remains controversial, despite intense basic and clinical research investigating the pathogenesis and natural history of this unique cancer highly prevalent in elderly males. Nine experts were asked to meet and discuss the facts. This resulting monograph gives an overview of the available knowledge on all aspects of the subject. The objective evaluation and consensus opinion of the authors presented here set this book apart from other publications with conflicting viewpoints. For readers eager to obtain a comprehensive and balanced view of the thousands of clinical contributions and clear advice on the choices, this book is a must.

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    Antiandrogen; Endokrinologie; Epidemiologie; Molekularbiologie; Prostatakrebs; antiandrogens; Cancer; chemotherapy; Endocrinology; Epidemiology; Hormone; molecular biology; pathogenesis; Prostate cancer; tumor


Autor: Louis Denis
ISBN-13: 9783642762802
ISBN: 3642762808
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An overview of the present knowledge on the management of prostate cancer, with a concensus approach from nine experts giving clear advice.

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Autor: Louis Denis
ISBN-13:: 9783642762802
ISBN: 3642762808
Erscheinungsjahr: 23.12.2011
Verlag: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Gewicht: 299g
Seiten: 116
Sprache: Englisch
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