Biology of Antarctic Fish
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Biology of Antarctic Fish

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Guido Di Prisco
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1 Ecology, Evolution and Life History.- Ecology of Notothenioid Fish in the Weddell Sea (With 8 Figures).- Morphological Adaptations and Mode of Life in High Antarctic Fish (With 6 Figures).- The Biological and Demographic Peculiarities of the Icefish Champsocephalus gunnari Lönnberg, 1905 from the Kerguelen Plateau (With 8 Figures).- Is the Growth of Polar Fish Limited by Temperature? (With 6 Figures).- Review of the Early Life History of Antarctic Notothenioid Fish (With 1 Figure).- Age Determination in Antarctic Fish (With 4 Figures).- Microstructural Analysis of Growth Patterns in the Early Life History of Antarctic Fishes (With 7 Figures).- The Fossil and Modern Fish Faunas of Antarctica: Evolution and Diversity (With 3 Figures).- The Contribution of the BIOMASS Program to Antarctic Marine Ecosystem Research (With 3 Figures).- 2 Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.- The Sensory Biology of Notothenioid Fish (With 9 Figures).- Viscosity of Body Fluids from Antarctic Notothenioid Fish (With 9 Figures).- Low Temperature Limits Burst Swimming Performance in Antarctic Fish (With 6 Figures).- Respiratory and Cardiovascular Adaptations in Hemoglobin-Free Fish: Resolved and Unresolved Problems (With 2 Figures).- Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of the Heart of the Icefish Chionodraco hamatus (Lönnberg) (With 10 Figures).- Physiological Roles of High Lipid Content in Tissues of Antarctic Fish Species (With 5 Figures).- Biochemical Mechanisms of Cold Adaptation and Stenothermality in Antarctic Fish (With 10 Figures).- Polymerization of Microtubule Proteins from Antarctic Fish (With 6 Figures).- The Biochemistry of Oxygen Transport in Red-Blooded Antarctic Fish (With 2 Figures).
Biology of Antarctic Fish presents the most recent findings on the biology of fish in the unique environment of the Antarctic ocean. At present the year-round temperature of the coastal waters is very near -1,87 ° C, the equilibrium temperature of the ice-seawater mixture. This extremely low temperature affects different levels of organization of fish life: individuals, organ systems, cells, organelles, membranes, and molecules. Exploring ecology, evolution, and life history as well as physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology of Antarctic fish the book describes the mechanisms of cold adaptation at all these levels. It provides material for discussion also for fundamental questions in the field of adaptation to an extreme environment and therefore is of particular interest not only to specialized scientists, but also to those involved in basic and evolutionary biology.