Colour Atlas of Tropical Dermatology and Venerology

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Karl F. Schaller
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This colour atlas has been designed as a practical guide for all physicians dealing with patients suffering from exotic skin diseases and for medical staff or other specialists working in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The text concentrates on providing succint descriptions of the clinical features, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and management of skin disorders that occur in the tropics and subtropics. The special feature of this atlas is the informative range of illustrations showing the same diseases in patients of differing ethnic groups and skin colours. Because of modern tourism and jet travel, many previously rare skin diseases from remote areas can now appear in any physician`s consulting room.
1 Viral Diseases of the Skin.- Variola Vera.- Molluscum Contagiosum.- Varicella.- Herpes Zoster.- Herpes Simplex.- Verrucae Planae.- Verrucae Vulgares.- Verrucae Plantares.- Condylomata Acuminata.- Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis.- Measles.- Rubella.- Dengue Fever.- Sandfly Fever.- Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection.- 2 Rickettsial Diseases.- Epidemic Typhus.- Endemic Typhus.- Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.- Tick Bite Fever.- Rickettsialpox.- Scrub Typhus.- 3 Bacterial Dermatoses.- Mycobacterial Infections.- Leprosy.- Tuberculosis.- Mycobacterium ulcerans Infection.- Mycobacterium marinum Infection.- Pyococcal Infections.- Follicular Impetigo.- Sycosis Barbae.- Sycosis Cruris.- Furuncle.- Carbuncle.- Acne Necrotica.- Hidradenitis Suppurativa.- Bullous Impetigo.- Granuloma Pyogenicum.- Impetigo Contagiosa.- Ecthyma.- Erysipelas.- Scarlatina.- Nonpyococcal Infections.- Pseudofolliculitis.- Folliculitis Cheloidalis.- Tropical Ulcer.- Anthrax.- Bartonellosis.- Rhinoscleroma.- Erysipeloid.- Cancrum Oris.- Erythrasma.- Plague.- Rat Bite Fever.- 4 Endemic Treponematoses.- Yaws.- Pinta.- Endemic Syphilis.- 5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Syphilis.- Gonorrhoea.- Chancroid.- Lymphogranuloma Venereum.- Granuloma Inguinale.- 6 Superficial Fungal Dermatoses.- Tinea Imbricata.- Tinea Nigra.- Piedra.- Favus.- Tinea Capitis.- Tinea Barbae.- Tinea Corporis.- Tinea Pedum et Manuum.- Tinea Unguium.- Trichophytic Granuloma.- Dermatophytids.- Tinea Versicolor.- Candidosis.- 7 Deep Mycoses.- Mycetoma.- Sporotrichosis.- Chromomycosis.- Lôbo's Disease.- Paracoccidioidomycosis.- North American Blastomycosis.- Coccidioidomycosis.- African Histoplasmosis.- Rhinosporidiosis.- Entomophthoromycosis.- 8 Protozoan Dermatoses.- Chagas' Disease.- African Trypanosomiasis.- Cutaneous Amoebiasis.- Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.- American Leishmaniasis.- Diffuse Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.- Post-Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis.- 9 Helminthic Dermatoses.- Creeping Eruption.- Filariasis.- Loiasis.- Dracunculiasis.- Onchocerciasis.- Late Cutaneous Schistosomiasis.- Cercarial Dermatitis.- 10 Dermatoses due to Arthropods.- Scabies.- Tick Bites.- Pulicosis.- Tungiasis.- Pediculosis.- Phthiriasis Pubis.- Cutaneous Myiasis.- Beetle Dermatitis.- 11 Venomous Animals.- Venomous Coelenterates.- Venomous Fish.- Venomous Arthropods.- Venomous Snakes.- 12 Dermatoses due to Malnutrition.- Kwashiorkor.- Vitamin A Deficiency.- Pellagra.- Riboflavin Deficiency.- 13 Pigmentary Disorders.- Albinism and Piebaldism.- Vitiligo.- Leucoderma and Leucomelanoderma.- Pityriasis Alba.- Chloasma.- Berloque Dermatitis.- Riehl's Melanosis.- 14 Genodermatoses.- Ichthyoses.- Keratosis Pilaris.- Keratosis Palmoplantaris.- Mal de Meleda.- Porokeratosis of Mibelli.- Darier's Disease.- Epidermolysis Bullosa.- Neurofibromatosis Recklinghausen.- Adenoma Sebaceum.- Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum.- Trichoepithelioma.- Xeroderma Pigmentosum.- Steatocystoma Multiplex.- 15 Eczema, Dermatitis and Prurigo.- Atopic Dermatitis.- Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.- Gravitational Eczema.- Asteatotic Eczema.- Nummular Eczema.- Pompholyx.- Lichen Simplex Chronicus.- Allergic Contact Dermatitis.- Dermatitis Due to Plants.- Photo-allergic Contact Dermatitis.- Infective Dermatitis.- Prurigo.- Nodular Prurigo.- 16 Maculopapulosqamous Dermatoses.- Psoriasis.- Parapsoriasis.- Lichen Planus.- Pityriasis Rosea.- Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris.- 17 Vesiculobullous Eruptions.- Pemphigus Vulgaris.- Pemphigus Foliaceus.- Pemphigus Erythematosus.- Brazilian Pemphigus.- Pemphigus Vegetans.- Pemphigoid.- Benign Mucosal Pemphigoid.- Dermatitis Herpetiformis.- Benign Chronic Bullous Dermatitis of Childhood.- Herpes Gestationis.- 18 Connective Tissue Disorders.- Chronic Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.- Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.- Dermatomyositis.- Localized Scleroderma.- Generalized Scleroderma.- Systemic Sclerosis.- Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicans.- Ainhum.- Dupuytren's Contracture.- Striae Distensae.- 19 Urticaria, Erythema Multiforme and Drug Eruptions.-
and the development of resistance such recommenda The aim of this atlas is to provide clear guidance and a source of quick and easy reference for all physicians tions can, of course, only be of a general nature in an dealing with patients suffering from exotic skin diseases atlas such as this. The practising physician is therefore and for medical staff working in tropical and sub recommended to consult pertinent standard texts and guidelines on the respective diseases. Synonyms do tropical regions. It is not designed to replace the numerous excellent textbooks on tropical diseases and not change as rapidly as recommended treatments, and dermatology, but rather to supplement and com in an atlas of tropical dermatology and venerology are plement them in a practical way. indispensable to those readers whose first language is not the same as that used in the text: Thus, in addition The text and illustrations are the result of the per sonal experience gained from around the world in the to the English names, Spanish, French, German, Latin last forty years, and thus provide the reader with easy and local names as far as they are known are quoted to understand practical information on tropical and for each condition. Finally, for some infectious skin diseases, the distribution and life cycles of the parasites venereal diseases and ubiquitous dermatoses of the tropics and subtropics. are shown in maps and diagrams.