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Urinary Cytology

Urinary Cytology

Manual and Atlas
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1 History of Urinary Cytology.- 2 Indications of Urinary Cytology.- 3 Nonneoplastic Transitional Epithelium of the Urinary Tract.- 4 Ultrastructure of the Urothelium.- 5 Epidemiology, Etiology, and Classification of Urothelial Tumors.- 6 Urothelial Atypia and Dysplasia.- 7 Cytologic Grading of Urothelial Tumors.- 8 Working Techniques in Urinary Cytology.- 9 Atlas Section.- 10 Diagnostic DNA Cytometry of the Urothelium.- 11 Immunocytology of Urothelial Tumors.- 12 Quantitative Immunocytology with Monoclonal Antibody (MAB) 486 p 3/12: Clinical Application.- 13 Urinary Erythrocyte Morphology and Diagnosis of Hematuria.- 14 An Expert System for Analysis and Standardization of Bladder Carcinoma Grading.
Excellent illustrations and the latest technology from theclinic, practice and laboratory are compiled for both the
practicing urologist and the researching cytopathologist in
the book "Urinary Cytology." The completely revised and
up-dated text in the new second edition reflects the first
common effort of urologists, pathologists and
cytopathologists to find a unified concept: from
conventional cytology to electron microscopy toflow
The authors' main emphasis is on conveying practical
techniques for the collection, concentration, fixation,
staining and analysis of cellular material. They clearly
discuss the circumstances under which new techniques are
advisable and the relevance of these techniques when
difficult questions of detail arise. At the same time, basic
scientific principles arepresented in comprehensible form.
The atlas section gives examples of urologic cytology,
compares pathological with normal results, discusses the
problems in differential diagnosis and points the way to

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    Blasenkrebs; Cytologic Grading; DNA; Harnweg; Zytodiagnostik; Zytometrie; Antibody; Carcinoma; diagnostics; electron microscopy; flow cytometry; microscopy; morphology; Tumors


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ISBN: 3642761860
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Autor: Peter Rathert
ISBN-13:: 9783642761867
ISBN: 3642761860
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Verlag: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Seiten: 228
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