Cultural Computing

Second IFIP TC 14 Entertainment Computing Symposium, ECS 2010, Held as Part of WCC 2010, Brisbane, Australia, September 20-23, 2010, Proceedings
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Previously published in hardcover
Philippe Codognet
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Multiple Format Search and Rescue Robot as a Competitive Arena.- An On-Line Classification Approach of Visitors' Movements in 3D Virtual Museums.- A Machine That Daydreams.- Cluster Analysis for Personalised Mobile Entertainment Content.- Auto-explanation System: Player Satisfaction in Strategy-Based Board Games.- Comparing Binarisation Techniques for the Processing of Ancient Manuscripts.- Complex Game Design Modeling.- Haptic Carillon: A Computationally Enhanced Mechanical Performing Instrument.- 3D Geometric and Haptic Modeling of Hand-Woven Textile Artifacts.- Pocket Gamelan: Realizations of a Microtonal Composition on a Linux Phone Using Open Source Music Synthesis Software.- Creating Memory: Reading a Patching Language.- The Promise of Fuzzy Logic in Generalised Music Composition.- Structuralism, Attitude and the Computer: Questioning the Notion of "Cultural Computing".- Looking for Culture in Video Games: Three Conceptual Approaches.- Supporting Multiple Perspectives on 3D Museum Artefacts through Interoperable Annotations.- Interactivity in Games: The Player's Engagement.- Co-production and Co-creation: Creative Practice in Social Inclusion.- Opening the Can: Public Interaction with Ready-Made Contents.- Cultural Computing - How to Investigate a Form of Unconscious User Experiences in Mixed Realities.- Emotions as a Communication Medium between the Unconscious and the Conscious.- Emotional Expression of Korean Dance Assisted by a Virtual Environment System.- Machine-Made Puzzles and Hand-Made Puzzles.- Cultural Computing - Creative Power Integrating Culture, Unconsciousness and Software.- Entertainment and Its Future.
Welcome to the Second International IFIP Entertainment Computing Symposium on st Cultural Computing (ECS 2010), which was part of the 21 IFIP World Computer Congress, held in Brisbane, Australia during September 21-23, 2010. On behalf of the people who made this conference happen, we wish to welcome you to this inter- tional event. The IFIP World Computer Congress has offered an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present their findings and research results in several prominent areas of computer science and engineering. In the last World Computer Congress, WCC 2008, held in Milan, Italy in September 2008, IFIP launched a new initiative focused on all the relevant issues concerning computing and entertainment. As a - sult, the two-day technical program of the First Entertainment Computing Symposium (ECS 2008) provided a forum to address, explore and exchange information on the state of the art of computer-based entertainment and allied technologies, their design and use, and their impact on society. Based on the success of ECS 2008, at this Second IFIP Entertainment Computing Symposium (ECS 2010), our challenge was to focus on a new area in entertainment computing: cultural computing.