On Kolm's Theory of Macrojustice
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On Kolm's Theory of Macrojustice

A Pluridisciplinary Forum of Exchange
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Claude Gamel
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Presents the pluridisciplinary debate on macroeconomic income distribution
Why Should We Debate the Theory of Macrojustice?- THE MACROJUSTIC OF SERGE-CHRISTOPHE KOLM: General Presentation.- Economic Macrojustice: Fair Optimum Income Distribution, Taxation and Transfers.- PHILOSOPHICAL ASPECTS OF MACROJUSTICE: ELIE and the Emotions Related to Social Recognition.- Basic Income and ELIE Transfers: Argument for Comatibility Despite Divergence.- ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF MACROJUSTICE: An Axiomatic Study of the Equal-Labour-Income Equalisation Allocation Rule.- An Exploration of Incentive-Compatible ELIE.- COMBINATIONS OF ELIE WITH OTHER TARGETED TRANSFERS: Is ELIE a wasteful minimum income scheme?- ELIE-minating Poverty? Limits of the Mechanism and Potential Improvements.- ECONOMETRIC EVALUATIONS OF ELIE: The Redistributive Aspects of ELIE: A Simulation Approach.- The Tradeoff Between Growth and Redistribution: ELIE in an Overlapping Generations Model.- SELECTIVE COMMENTS BY SERGE-CHRISTOPHE KOLM: Macrojustice in Normative Economics and Social Ethics.
The "Theory of Macrojustice", introduced by S.-C. Kolm, is a stimulating contribution to the debate on the macroeconomic income distribution. The solution called "Equal Labour Income Equalisation" (ELIE) is the result of a three stages construction: collective agreement on the scheme of labour income redistribution, collective agreement on the degree of equalisation to be chosen in that framework, individual freedom to exploit his--her personal productive capicities (the source of labour income and the sole basis for taxation). This book is organised as a discussion around four complementary themes: philosophical aspects of macrojustice, economic analysis of macrojustice, combination of ELIE with other targeted tranfers, econometric evaluations of ELIE.