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Male Reproductive Health and Dysfunction
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Eberhard Nieschlag
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Andrology is a decidedly interdisciplinary field in which several specialities participate. Accordingly, this volume is addressed to all concerned with male reproductive health: Andrologists, gynecologists, urologists, internists, endocrinologists, dermatologists, basic researchers. The volume comprises basic science as well as clinical andrology and includes chapters on: Biology of reproduction, testicular function, sperm maturation and fertilization, endocrinology of the male, environmental factors, psychology, senescence, contraception; as well as chapters on the diagnosis and therapy of andrological diseases including: Infertility, hypogonadism, assisted reproduction: ICSI and TESE, therapy with testosterone, erectile dysfunction.
THE reference book both for beginners and experts
Scope and Goals of Andrology.- Physiology of Testicular Function.- Physiology of Sperm Maturation and Fertilization.- Classification of Andrological Disorders.- Anamnesis and Physical Examination.- Imaging Diagnostics.- Endocrine Laboratory Diagnosis.- Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetic Investigations.- Semen Analysis.- Sperm Quality and Function Tests.- Testicular Biopsy and Histology.- Diseases of the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary Gland.- Disorders at the Testicular Level.- The Aging Male and Late-Onset Hypogonadism.- Diseases of the Seminal Ducts.- Disorders of Erection, Cohabitation, and Ejaculation.- Disorders of Androgen Target Organs.- Testicular Dysfunction in Systemic Diseases.- Environmental Influences on Male Reproductive Health.- Gynecology Relevant to Andrology.- Testosterone Therapy.- Empirical Therapies for Idiopathic Male Infertility.- Assisted Reproduction.- Cryopreservation of Human Spermatozoa.- Psychology of Fertility Disorders.- Sexual Medicine and Andrology.- Male Contribution to Contraception.- Vasectomy and Refertilization.- Approaches to Hormonal Male Contraception.- Pharmacological Approaches to Male Contraception.- Ethical Aspects of Reproductive Medicine.
The decade that has passed since publication of the second edition of this textbook has not only witnessed a tremendous increase in knowledge within the ? eld of and- logy, but also seen the ? eld itself achieve a newfound status within the medical p- fession. Knowledge and status have been of mutual bene? t to the ? eld and the growing critical mass of diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities have caused andrology to be recognized as a medical subspecialty in some countries such as Germany, Poland, and Estonia. The European Academy of Andrology (EAA) served as a pacemaker for this development and continues to strive for establishment of andrology as a clinical ? eld. Well-designed curricula and qualifying examinations have contributed to the of? cial recognition of andrology as a speciality. This recognition of the ? eld helps patients with andrological problems to ? nd the specialist they seek. This textbook summarizes the current state of knowledge in the ? eld of andrology. It is a source of knowledge to all those who are or want to become andrologists. In addition, as andrology is clearly an interdisciplinary ? eld, this book may serve as a compendium and source of reference for all those physicians and biologists active in neighboring areas, who want to obtain an overview of andrology and who require information on special problems. The extensive references are timely and up to date.