Textures of Materials
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Textures of Materials

Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Textures of Materials March 28-31, 1978, Aachen, Germany Volume I
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G. Gottstein
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Invited Papers.- Methods of ODF Calculation.- Recent Developments in Experimental Methods of Texture Measurement.- Deformation Textures in Single Crystals.- Calculation of Deformation Textures According to the Taylor Model.- Microstructural Inhomogeneities Resulting from High Strain Deformations.- The Structure of Highly Deformed Materials and the Development of Deformation Texture.- Recent Aspects in the Understanding of Recrystallization Texture Development.- Some Old Nucleation Theories Reconsidered.- Analysis.- On the Analysis of Orientation Distribution Functions by Superposition of Gauss Type Scattering Functions.- A Simple Way for Calculation ODF from Incomplete Pole Figures.- An Approximative Determination of the Orientation Distribution Function.- Method for Orientation Distribution Function Analysis in Maximum Shear Planes.- Practical Advantages of the Vector Method of Texture Analysis.- Methode of X-Ray Determination of Twin Fault Probability in Cubic Metals with Fibre Texture.- Experimental Methods.- Texture Studies on Magnesium Alloy Tubes.- Energy-Dispersive Diffractometry for Quantitative Determination of Texture.- Texture Control Theoretical and Practical Study.- Determination of Crystallographic Relations in In Situ Composites by Texture Goniometry.- Advances in the Automatic Determination of Pole Figures.- Deformation Textures.- Investigations into the Development of Rolling Texture of Some FCC Metals.- Crystalline Orientation Distribution Function Analysis of Texture Development in Titanium.- Non-Homogeneity of Texture in the Rolling of Nickel.- The Solution of the Taylor Problem for Slip on {111} or {110} .- A Method for the Determination of the Active Slip Systems and Orientation Changes During Single Crystal Deformation.- The Shortcomings of the Taylor Model in the Description of the Plastic Deformation of Real Polycrystals.- Quantitative Analysis of Cross-Slip and Twinning in FCC Polycrstalline Metals.- Selection of the Active Slip Systems in BCC and FCC Polycrystals.- Computer Simulation Study of the Texture Transitions in FCC Metals and Alloys.- Comments on Deformation Texture Development and Poly crystalline Modelling.- The Evolution of Deformation Textures.- Influence of a Rolling or a Tensile Deformation on the Evolution of Texture Symmetrical or Not - of Aluminium Sheets Relation with the Strain Ratio R.- Influence of the Critical Shear Stress Ratio of {112} and {110} Slip Planes of the Rolling Texture of BCC Metals.- The Origin of the FCC Rolling-Texture Component with {111} Parallel to the Rolling Plane.- Microstructural Modelling of Shear Bands.- Development of Dislocation Structure and Orientation Gradients in Kink Bands.- Recrystallization Textures.- Electron Microscopical Studies of Orientation Relationships on Large Angle Grain Boundaries Formed During Cold Work of Copper Single Crystals.- Rolling and Recrystallization Textures in the System Copper-Zinc as Function of the Zn-Content.
Many important properties of a polycrystalline material are known to depend on the orientation of the crystallites. The distribution of these orientations is referred to as its texture. During the past decade a remarkable sophistication of experimental methods, of texture determination and texture representation has been achieved, and, at the same time, a fast development of texture applications, for the improvement of materials propert ies and for investigating the processes underlying the texture formation has taken place. As a consequence of this increasing interest in texture analysis and control in research and practice, world wide conferences on textures of materials were established in order to master the increasing flood of ideas and results. Until now five of such meetings were held, namely in Clausthal (1969), Cracow (1971), Pont-a-Mousson (1973), Cambridge (1975), and in Aachen (1978). The sixth conference of this series will be held in Tokyo. The present two volumes contain the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Con ference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM 5). It was held from March 28-31, 1978 at the Institut fUr Allgemeine Metallkunde und Metallphysik of the Rheinisch-Westfiilische Technische Hochschule Aachen. The 150 participating scientists (47 from Germany, 103 from 19 other countries) heard 16 invited and 86 contributed papers. Topics of the conference were all important areas of current research and application: texture analysis, experimental methods, deformation textures, recrystallization textures, transformation tex tures, textures of minerals, textures in steels, textures in special applications, influence of the texture on physical and mechanical properties.