The Holy Spirit and his truths

Understand the Holy Spirit
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The author of The Holy Spirit and His Truth has emphasized on the importance of connecting ourselves to the Holy Spirit who is the sole incorruptible source of true power which enables our talents, abilities and gifting to be more effective in contrast to the occult practices taking place in the religious circles nowadays. The author then gives account of the record of the Holy Spirit both in the Old and New Testament as well as His arrival as a promise given by Christ to his disciples and all those who will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He then goes further touching on the subject of the baptism of the holy spirit and thoroughly explaining what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it manifestations and how to receive this amazing baptism, which endows everyone who believes. Then he explains the very last part, which is practicing the gifts, which according to him states that it requires faith, courage as well as confidence in order to see results. This book is for all the new believers as well as those already in the body of Christ, in order to bring some light and make people understand the realities of the Holy Spirit and all his truths, just as the title of the book says it.