The impact of Missionary work in the Anglican Diocese of Bukavu

Illusion or Reality
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Steven Ayule-Milenge
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The Anglican Church was extending to Africa by exploration and arrival of missionaries in Uganda. Apolo Kivebulaya was sent to evangelise Boga-Congo, and maintained the Anglican Church presence until the day she was recognised official as diocese in 1972 after 76 years of hard labour in the faith. The diocese of Bukavu was founded without any preparation and income to start a diocese. Ndahura Bezaleri, first bishop had a big worry for the development of diocese in all domains, but he died prematurely. Bishop Dirokpa succeeding him did a hard work to expand the Anglican Church in all Congo. The establishment of the Anglican Catholic Church in Congo was a result of avoiding the liberalism theology's teachings that promote women ordination. The work of Church Missionary Society in the diocese was seen as a help for their brothers in mission not for the work of God. The Church's leaders still working without any income and self- sufficient projects, and people are poor. They walk to visit the parishes, work very hard, and live without wages. To have a strong parish, we need to make many development projects, which can enable the church to be self- financing (generating income projects)