Space Engineering

Modeling and Optimization with Case Studies
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Giorgio Fasano
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Features new theoretical and application-oriented results in mathematical modeling, optimization, and optimal control
Preface.- Model Space Vehicle Design Taking into Account Multidisciplinary Couplings and Mixed Epistemic / Aleatory Uncertainties.- Using Direct Transcription to Compute Optimal Low Thrust Transfers Between Libration Point Orbits.- Practical Tentative Solutions for Indirect Optimization of Spacecraft Trajectories.- Resource-constrained Scheduling with Non-constant Capacity and Non-regular Activities.- Packing Problems in Space Solved by CPLEX: an Experimental Analysis.- Designing Complex Interplanetary Trajectories for the Global Trajectory Optimization Competitions.- Satellite Constellation Image Acquisition Problem: A Case Study.- Re-entry Test Vehicle Configuration Selection and Analysis.- Rigorous Global Optimization for Collision Risk Assessment on Perturbed Orbits.- Optimal Robust Design of Hybrid Rocket Engines.- Nonlinear Regression Analysis by Global Optimization: A Case Study in Space Engineering.- Regression-based Sensitivity Analysis and Robust Design.- Low-Thrust Multi-Revolution Orbit Transfers.- Balance Layout Problems: Mathematical Modeling and Nonlinear Optimization.- Pilot-induced-oscillations Alleviation through Anti-Windup Based Approach.- Modeling and Optimization of Hybrid Transfers to NEOs.- Probabilistic Safety Analysis of the Collision Between Space Debris and a Satellite with an Island Particle Algorithm.- Flatness-based Low-thrust Trajectory Optimization for Spacecraft Proximity Operations.
This book presents a selection of advanced case studies that cover a substantial range of issues and real-world challenges and applications in space engineering. Vital mathematical modeling, optimization methodologies and numerical solution aspects of each application case study are presented in detail, with discussions of a range of advanced model development and solution techniques and tools.

Space engineering challenges are discussed in the following contexts:

-Advanced Space Vehicle Design

-Computation of Optimal Low Thrust Transfers

-Indirect Optimization of Spacecraft Trajectories

-Resource-Constrained Scheduling,

-Packing Problems in Space

-Design of Complex Interplanetary Trajectories

-Satellite Constellation Image Acquisition

-Re-entry Test Vehicle Configuration Selection

-Collision Risk Assessment on Perturbed Orbits

-Optimal Robust Design of Hybrid Rocket Engines

-Nonlinear Regression Analysis in Space Engineering

-Regression-Based Sensitivity Analysis and Robust Design
-Low-Thrust Multi-Revolution Orbit Transfers

-Modeling and Optimization of Balance Layout Problems

-Pilot-Induced Oscillations Alleviation

-Modeling and Optimization of Hybrid Transfers to Near-Earth Objects

-Probabilistic Safety Analysis of the Collision Between Space Debris and Satellite

-Flatness-based Low-thrust Trajectory Optimization for Spacecraft Proximity Operations

The contributing authors are expert researchers and practitioners in either the space engineering and/or in the applied optimization fields. Researchers and practitioners working in various applied aspects of space engineering will find this book practical and informative. Academics, graduate and post-graduate students in aerospace engineering, applied mathematics, operations research, optimization, and optimal control, will find this book useful.