Epigenetics in Cardiac Disease
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Epigenetics in Cardiac Disease

 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Johannes Backs
670 g
235x155x mm
Cardiac and Vascular Biology
1. Jim Davie (backup - Ed Seto; Moffitt, Florida), U. of Manitoba: General Review of Epigenetics.- 2. Benoit Bruneau (backup - Kunhua Song; U. of Colorado), UCSF: Chromatin Remodeling in Cardiac Progenitor Cells, Cardiac Development.- 3. Eric Verdin, UCSF: Epigenetics and Metabolism.- 4. Eileen Furlong, EMBL - Heidelberg: Computational Epigenetics.- 5. Eric Olson (backup - Kook; Korea), UT Southwestern: Role of Class I HDACs in the Heart/Metabolism.- 6. Timothy McKinsey , U. of Colorado: HDACs and HATs in Cardiopulmonary Remodeling.- 7. Johannes Backs, U. of Heidelberg: HDAC Signaling Networks in HF.- 8. Jun Sadoshima , New Jersey: Sirtuins and HF.- 9. Zhi-Ping Liu, UT Southwestern: Histone Methylation in Heart Failure.- 10. C.P. Chang (backup - Bultman; North Carolina), Stanford: Chromatin Remodeling in Heart Failure.- 11. Sap Halder, Case Western: pTEFb and BET Proteins in Heart Failure.- 12. Norbert Frey, Kiel, Germany: Long Non-Coding RNAs in Heart Failure.- 13. Assam El-Osta, Melbourne, Australia: Chromatin Marks in Heart Failure.- 14. Roger Foo (backup - Meder; U. of Heidelberg), Singapore: DNA Methylation in Heart Failure.- 15. Joe Hill, UT Southwestern: HDACs and Autophagy in Heart Failure.- 16. Elisabeth Zeisberg (Göttingen) , Gottingen University: Epigenetics Regulation of Fibrosis.- 17. C. Choudhary, U. of Copenhagen: Mass Spectrometry Analysis of the Acetylome.
This book describes important advances in our understanding of how environmental conditions affect cardiac gene expression through epigenetic mechanisms. Further, it discusses the roles of chromatin modifications (in particular DNA methylation and histone modifications) and of chromatin regulators in the context of cardiac diseases. The book provides readers with an overview of our current understanding of epigenetic regulation in the heart, and will stimulate further research in this exciting field. Edited and written by internationally respected experts, it addresses the needs of professors, students and researchers working in the fields of cardiac biology and epigenetics.