Redefining Risk & Return

The Economic Red Phone Explained
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Jesper Lyng Jensen
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Introduction.- Chapter 1: How to read a Monte Carlo simulation graph.- Chapter 2: Introduction to the cost of running out of capital.- Chapter 3: Risk and Uncertainty.- Chapter 4: The cost of running out of capital.- Chapter 5: Capital.- Chapter 6: Insurance.- Chapter 7: The Different Costs of Risk.- Chapter 8: Stock-taking.- Chapter 9: Macroeconomics.- Chapter 10: Self-chosen risk and government intervention.- Chapter 11: The top ten most important realisations regarding structural risk.- Chapter 12: The cost of structural risk management in liberalism.- Chapter 13: How is this book to be understood and what kind of society does it wish to create?.
This book is the first attempt to re-define objective risk. It addresses the cost of running out of capital as a generalized cost syndrome and explains how it is possible to describe this cost in such a way as to give it practical, real-life significance for personal finances, company finances and the economy as a whole. The discussion begins by presenting an intuitive and useful definition of risk: the probability of prospective capital shortfall. From this point it establishes a risk theory and expands the work of major thinkers such as Frank Knight and John Maynard Keynes, and adds reserve capital as a new financial risk management tool, with an economic function that is different from savings. This book will be of interest to economists, politicians, and decision makers as well as to the general public.