Lacan and the Posthuman
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Lacan and the Posthuman

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Svitlana Matviyenko
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Chapter 1: Introduction; Svitlana Matviyenko & Judith Roof.- Chapter 2: The Obscene Object of Post/humanism; Louis Armand.- Chapter 3: From Law to Code: Posthumanism as Sinthome; Judith Roof.- Chapter 4: "A Corporal Radioscopy": Lacan, the Baroque, and the Posthuman; Allan Pero.- Chapter 5: Lacan's Cybernetic Theory of Causality: Repetition and the Unconscious in Source Code; Colin Wright.- Chapter 6: Lacan 'Stoffed' with Insects: or Posthuman-Insectoid-Cyberfeminist-Materiality?; Benjamin Woodard.- Chapter 7: Graphocentrism in Psychoanalysis; Svitlana Matviyenko.- Chapter 8: Lacan's Drive and Genetic Posthumans: The Example of Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake; John Johnston.- Chapter 9: Posthuman Desire: The One-All-Alone in Her, ExMachina, and Lars and the Real Girl; Nancy Gillespie.- Chapter 10: Merzbow and the Noise of Object Oriented Perversion; Scott Wilson.- Chapter 11: Melancholy Objects: If Stones Were Lacanian; Timothy Morton.
When Posthumanism displaces the traditional human subject, what does psychoanalysis add to contemporary conversations about subject/object relations, systems, perspectives, and values? This book discusses whether Posthumanism itself is a cultural indication of a shift in thinking that is moving from language to matter, from a politics focused on social relations to one organized according to a broader sense of object in environments. Together the authors question what is at stake in this shift and what psychoanalysis can say about it.