Reconnecting Crime and Social Harm
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Avi Boukli
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Introduction.- PART A.- Chapter 1. For Pragmatism and Politics; Steve Tombs.- Chapter 2. Beyond 'Criminology vs. Zemiology'; Lynne Copson.- Chapter 3. Harm: A Substitute for Crime or Central to It?; Letizia Paoli and Victoria A. Greenfield.- Chapter 4. Criminology or Zemiology?; Justin Kotzé.- Chapter 5. Big Trouble or Little Evils; Steve Hall and Simon Winlow.- PART B.- Chapter 6. Whose harm counts?; Sandra Walklate.- Chapter 7. Gender Murder; Avi Boukli and Flora Renz.- Chapter 8. A Doubling of the Offence?; Alex Dymock.- Chapter 9. Zemiology at the Border?; Victoria Canning.- Chapter 10. Green Criminology, Zemiology, and Comparative and Inter-relational Justice in the Anthropocene Era; Avi Brisman and Nigel South.- Chapter 11. Spot the Fashion Victim(s); Jo Large.- Chapter 12. Serving Up Harm; Anthony Lloyd.- Chapter 13. Harm and Transforming Rehabilitation; David Temple.
This book challenges the given dichotomies between crime and harm, and criminology and zemiology. The main aim of the volume is to highlight the inexorable interconnectedness between systemically induced social harm and the corrosive flows of everyday crime both perpetrated and endured by those victimised by the capitalist system and its hegemonic vicissitudes. Drawing attention not only to various structurally imbedded harms, the chapters also outline the wider consequences of such harms, as they extend beyond immediate victims and contribute towards the further perpetuation of criminogenic and zemiogenic conditions.

Comprising two parts, the first explores the relationship between crime and harm and criminology and zemiology, and the second explores the intersections of crime and harm through various lenses, including those trained on probation; global mobility; sexuality and gender; war and gendered violence; fashion counterfeiting; and the harms of the service economy. An exciting and wide-reaching volume written by world-renowned scholars, this collection is a must-read for students, academics, and policy makers in the fields of law, criminology, sociology, social policy, criminal justice, and social justice.