Fundamentals of General Surgery
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Fundamentals of General Surgery

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Francesco Palazzo
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The book contains a general approach to the techniques that provides rationale and ranges of utilization to assist the reader in understanding the nuances that exist in basic surgical steps


1 Fundamentals of patient preparation for the operating in the 21st century.

2 Fundamentals of Operating room setup and surgical instrumentation
3 Fundamentals of Surgical Sutures and Associated Technical skills

4 Fundamentals of Patient Positioning and Skin Prep

5 Fundamentals of incisions and skin closures
6 Fundamentals of retractors and exposure

7 Fundamentals of dissection

8 Fundamentals of Surgical Hemostasis
9 Fundamentals of energy utilization in the Operating room

10 Fundamentals of Stapling devices

11 Fundamentals of Drain management
12 Fundamentals of endoscopy for the general surgeon

13 Fundamentals on prosthetic materials for the abdominal wall

14 Fundamentals of basic laparoscopic setup

15 Fundamentals of laparotomy closure

16 Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery

17 Fundamentals of gastro - intestinal anastomosis

18 Fundamentals of vascular anastomosis

Appendix on common vascular instruments

19 Fundamentals of exploratory laparotomy for Trauma

20 Fundamentals of temporary abdominal wall closure

21 Fundamentals of exploratory thoracotomy for Trauma

22 Fundamentals of becoming a safe and independent surgeon (from first assistant to skilled educator)

23 Fundamentals of acceptable behavior in the OR (etiquette)

24 Fundamentals of the daily routine as a surgeon

25 Fundamentals of managing the operative catastrophe
This book provides a comprehensive guide to the surgical skills required during general surgery. General Concepts are covered with descriptions of basic terminology, the logic behind specific approaches, limitations of specific skills, technical and practical considerations, and safety of using specific approaches and skills.

More advanced topics including gastro-intestinal anastomosis, exploring a patient after a major trauma, and managing crisis situations are also discussed, as well as current controversies and future directions within general surgery.

Fundamentals of General Surgery is relevant to trainees in general surgery and its subspecialties, and aims to give them an easy to access resource that contains real life examples, iconography, and recommended further reading.