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International Conference on Wireless, Intelligent, and Distributed Environment for Communication

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Isaac Woungang
18, Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies
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Chapter1: Tamper Detection Using Fragile Image Watermarking Based on Chaotic System.- Chapter2: Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a User Authentication Scheme for SIP.- Chapter3: SECURITY AGAINST VAMPIRE ATTACK IN ADHOC WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK: DETECTION & PREVENTION TECHNIQUES.- Chapter4: Securing Fuzzy Commitment Scheme against Decodability Attack based Cross-matching.- Chapter5: PiFallD: A Portable Fall Detection System.- Chapter6: Analysing, Designing, Implementation and Coding E-commerce through UX.- Chapter7: Performance evaluation of GAER over various crossover techniques in opportunistic networks.- Chapter8: Software ­­­­Performance Measuring Benchmarks.-Chapter9: Texture Analysis of Fruits for its Deteriorated Classification.- Chapter10: Analysis of Packet Size Variation Supporting QoS for Survivable Optical High Speed Networks.- Chapter11: AN IMPROVED HYPRID ALGORITHM FOR WEB USAGE MINING.- Chapter12: Optimal Cache Placement by Identifying Possible Congestion Points in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Chapter13: Automatic Detection of Eczema Using Image Processing.- Chapter14: RECOGNITION OF EMOTIONS OF SPEECH AND MOOD OF MUSIC: A REVIEW.- Chapter15: Estimation of Probability Density Function of Digital Substrate Noise in Mixed Signal System.- Chapter16: Location Aware Data Distribution in P2P Mobile Cloud.- Chapter17: EPR: An Encounter and Probability based Routing Protocol for Opportunistic Networks.- Chapter18: Performance Comparison Simulation Model of Ad Hoc Cloud Network with Cloud Servers.- Chapter19: Path Restoration Versus Link Restoration in Survivable ATM Networks.- Chapter20: Adaptive Error Control Technique for Cluster based Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks.- Chapter21: Analysis of Basic Cognitive Radio and Queuing Based Request Handling.- Chapter22: Time Validity Based Message Transmission for College Activities.
This book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Wireless Intelligent and Distributed Environment for Communication (WIDECOM 2018), organized by SRM University, NCR Campus, New Delhi, India, February 16-18, 2018. The conference focuses on challenges with respect to the dependability of integrated applications and intelligence-driven security threats against the platforms supporting these applications.