Nationalism in Contemporary Western European Cinema
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Nationalism in Contemporary Western European Cinema

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James Harvey
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1. Introduction: On the Visual Cultures of the New Nationalisms, James Harvey.- 2. The 'Liberal Left' Response to 21st Century Nationalism: Le Week-end (2013) and I, Daniel Blake (2016), John White.- 3. From Down Terrace to High-Rise: the 'unreal estate' cinema of Ben Wheatley, William Brown.- 4. Approaches to Othered Identities and Spaces in French Cinema, Sirin Fulya Erensoy.- 5. Documenting the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy, Hugo Frey.- 6. Diasporic Belgian Cinema: transnational and transcultural approaches to Molenbeek and Matonge in Black, Jamie Steele.- 7. The Freedom to Make Racial Jokes: Satires on Nationalism and Multicultural Comedies in Dutch Cinema, Peter Verstraten.- 8. Building Bridges: Fatih Akin and the Cinema of Intercultural Dialogue, Owen Evans.- 9. "Kapitalismus tötet": Liquid national identities in the cinema of the Berlin School, Anna Batori.- 10. Resistance Against Itself: Austrian Cinema's Responses to the Far-right, Nikhil Sathe.- 11. Frivolity and Place Branding in Martínez Lázaro's 'Nationalist Comedies', Alfredo Martínez-Expósito.- 12. After the Crisis: Europe and Nationhood in 21st Century Portuguese Cinema, Mariana Liz.
This book investigates screen representations of 21st century nationalism-arguably the most urgent and apparent phenomenon in the Western world today. The chapters explore recurrent thematic and stylistic features of 21st century western European cinema, and analyse the ways in which film responds to contemporary developments of mounting tensions and increasing hostilities to difference. The collection blends incisive sociological and historical engagement with close textual analysis of many types of screen media, including popular cinema, art-house productions, low-budget independent work, documentary and video installation. Identifying motifs of nationhood and indigeneity throughout, the contributors of this volume present important perspectives and a timely cultural response to the contemporary moment of nationalism.