Female Crime and Delinquency in Portugal

In and Out of the Criminal Justice System
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Vera Duarte
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Presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary exploration of common trends in Portuguese female crime and delinquency
Chapter 1. An Introduction to Female Crime and Delinquency; Sílvia Gomes and Vera Duarte.- Part I - Crime and Women.- Chapter 2. The Criminal Act at the Core of the Nexus Security-insecurity; Catarina Frois.- Chapter 3. Stalking by Women; Helena Grangeia and Margarida Santos.- Chapter 4. Onstage and off; Manuela Ivone Cunha.- Chapter 5. How do Foreign Women end up in Prison?; Sílvia Gomes.- Chapter 6. 'To Kill or to be Killed'; Mafalda Ferreira, Sofia Neves and Sílvia Gomes.- Part II - Female Juvenile Delinquency.- Chapter 7. Heterosexual Dating Violence and Social Gender Relations; Sofia Neves and Joana Torres.- Chapter 8. Constructing Meaning about the Delinquency of Young Girls in Public Housing Neighbourhoods; Maria João Leote de Carvalho.- Chapter 9. Gender and Crime in the Life Pathways of Young Women Offenders; Raquel Matos.- Chapter 10. Girls and Transgressive Paths; Vera Duarte and Ana Margarida Guerreiro.
This book compiles research on female crime and delinquency in Portugal in order to critically and reflectively explore interdisciplinary views on the link between gender, crime and delinquency. Contributions are organized into two main parts, with Part I dedicated to the relationship between women and crime, and Part II focused on female juvenile delinquency. Through the exploration of girls' and women's relationships with delinquency and crime, as well as with the justice system, this original and compelling collection highlights the heterogeneity of girls' and women's experiences, whilst also underlining the convergences and divergences between them.
Ultimately, Gomes and Duarte argue that understanding how women and girls explain their offending behaviours and how they relate to the criminal justice system is of the utmost importance for reforming social and legal policies. As such, this book will be of value not only for students, researchers and professionals of the social, behavioural and criminal sciences, but also for policy-makers seeking to provide greater efficiency in preventing crime and delinquency.