Technology Entrepreneurship
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Technology Entrepreneurship

Insights in New Technology-Based Firms, Research Spin-Offs and Corporate Environments
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André Presse
FGF Studies in Small Business and Entrepreneurship
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Section 1: Business models, business architecture and business planning of NTBFs.- Evaluating NTBFs' entrepreneurial progress using content analysis of business plans.- ARCHITECTURE OF TECHNOLOGY VENTURES: A BUSINESS MODEL PERSPECTIVE.- The Role of Business Models in Development of New Technology-Based Firms.- Section 2: Managing NTBFs.- IDENTIFYING AND CATEGORIZING RISKS OF NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IN A SMALL TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN COMPANY.- The application of the Effective Innovation Leadership Model in ICT practice.- A Unified Model of the Technology Push Process and Its Application in a Workshop Setting.- Section 3: Factors Influencing NTBFs.- Women-led startups and their contribution to job creation.- What drives the intellectual property output of high-tech firms? Regional- and firm-level factors.- How do public grants contribute to the financing path of New Technology-Based Firms ?.- The development of ICT industry in Belarus: impact of educational and state-support policies.- Section 4: Academic Entrepreneurship.- Defining academic spinoffs and Entrepreneurial University.- The impact of Entrepreneurship Governance and institutional framework on knowledge-based spin- offs.- Bridging the gap between invention and innovation - the role of university-based start-up programs and private cooperation.- Section 5: Interaction between established firms & NTBFs.- How technology travels from old to new firms: the role of employees' entrepreneurship in technology ventures.- Cooperating with start-ups as a strategy towards corporate entrepreneurship & innovation.
This collection of expert articles explores the development drivers of new technology-based firms and projects. It provides perspectives for an in-depth understanding of how technological inventions lead to the creation of new and sustainable companies or business units. The authors address methods and concepts that help technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurial projects successfully develop innovative products and services.