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Development Challenges in Bhutan

Perspectives on Inequality and Gross National Happiness
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Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt
Contemporary South Asian Studies
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Chapter 1: Development Challenges in Bhutan - Perspectives on Inequality and Gross National Happiness.- Part 1: Comparing Bhutan's Development Trajectories. - Chapter 2: Sociocultural and Political Change in Bhutan since the 1980s: Reflections from a Distance.- Chapter 3: Donor-assisted Ethno-Nationalism and Education Policy in Bhutan.- Part 2: GNH, Equality and Inclusion/Exclusion.- Chapter 4: Gross National Happiness and Inequality.- Chapter 5: Distress Migration and Individual Happiness in Bhutan.- Part 3: Culture, Legal issues and the Politics of Change.- Chapter 6: A Form of "Democratization Project" in Contemporary Bhutan: Being Apolitical and being Religious.- Chapter 7: Law, "Tradition" and Legitimacy: Contesting Driglam namzha.- Part 4: Governance and Integration.- Chapter 8: Between Hopeful Intentions and Disenchanting Constraints: Lessons Learned in Bhutan's Nationwide E-Governance Initiative.- Chapter 9: Disaster Governance, Inequality and Poverty Alleviation in Bhutan: Towards integrated and preventive policies.- Part 5: Health, Food and Disparities.- Chapter 10: Regional Disparities and Food Problems in Bhutan.- Chapter 11: Policy Synergies in Health-Promoting Education in Bhutan.
This book provides essential insights into Bhutan's developmental challenges. It analyzes and scrutinizes the sovereign state's developmental approach, including the idea of Gross National Happiness (GNH), which has replaced Gross National Product (GNP) as a measurement of prosperity. The authors also explore and deconstruct ideational and cultural aspects of knowledge production and present a critical overall assessment of the political economy of education policy, health, ICT and migration in Bhutan.